Best 2NE1 Members

The Top Ten

1 CL

I love her energy on stage. Her rapping skills are amazing, her voice is so powerful. She's an amazing leader too, always taking care and reassuring our members.

CL is so pretty, she has great rapping skills, and she's a great dancer. CL is just AWESOME!

My bias!
She is so talented and pretty!

I love that she's super talented, and she's the most sexy member in my opinion.

2 Dara

She is too beautiful, so fresh and young looking with a truly unique personality, I love how she never tries to to please the society norm of being 'shy, always playing with her hair, laughing, feminine, graceful' Go Dara! A role model, plus her music of dress isn't rude or revealing

Dara is very talented! She can sing, she can act, she can do modelling too... ! Dara looks so young than other members... She is cute... She is charming and adorable

She's a hard worker. She admits she lacks the talent compared to her members, she worked so hard to be where she's at. Also, she loves her fans deeply. One can tell because she doesn't only update to promote, she updates to show her fans how she's doing. But I love all 2ne1 members equally. Blackjacks jjang!

She's got that kpop aura. The thing that other girls doesn't have the natural charm and talent. Even though she got a little line mostly of the song they had she can actually sing the thing is that her voice compliments to the voices of the other members. She's got actually the least training but the hardwork she put to every performance they'll had is extremely impressive. The other girls really had a very impressive strong voices while Dara soft soothing voice just added a relaxing sound to each song that they have. It's really unbelievable that she can shine even the other girls have their fierces voice and personality. She's just amazing! 2en1 best kpop ever!

3 Bom

Out of the members I feel she makes the most effort with interacting with fans and having a sweet attitude as well!

High pitch tune, cute, nice leg, nice skin. I want to be her...

She is Cute and Amazing even off camera she is so energetic

She's the cutest thing! She has the most unique and recognizable voice in kpop. I love how she gets along with Big Bang so well. Not to mention Lee Seung Hoon. They are hilarious just from one interaction. Loved her in Roommates. All the were stayed up late when she arrived just to talk to her. She is has the friendly and calm aura around her. Love her.

4 Minzy

Minzy is number one! I mean, who couldn't love her? She's pretty talented cute etc. Why is she so underrated. Dara is way overrated.

In my opinion she is really cute and she can dance too, overall she is my favorite from 2ne1

Minzy is energetic and the best in the group! She is filled with energy and she is cute!

Minzy can sing dance and rap she is not just a pretty face like you know what