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41 Ticket to Heaven
42 She Don't Want the World
43 The Broken
44 Shine
45 Not Enough

Great song hands song. Can't believe it hasn't been added yet.

46 Father's Son

This song's lyrics are so chilling to me. It needs to be higher.

47 One Light

Great song. The words really speak too me and I personally think this song should be a higher ranked song. Just a fantastic song, but, I'll let you make your own decision on it.

48 Goodbyes

48th? This is just wrong... Goodbyes is a beautiful song, and a meaningful one for me. It is equally good, if not better, than Here Without You. It crushes Duck and Run with style. It is one of twelve on their Greatest Hits CD as well, so how did it end up down here?

This is by far the greatest hit of 3 Doors Down it just tells so damn much - LoveMeSomePie

49 Back to Me

There is no possible way that this is number 51... It's a top 5 song!

50 The Champion in Me

I can't believe this song isn't higher.It has to be in the top 10 for sure!

51 In the Dark
52 Live for Today
53 Sarah Yellin'
54 My World
55 Feet In the Water
56 Pieces of Me
57 I Don't Wanna Know

This is their best song ever. The chorus is just mind blowing.

58 Never Will I Break
59 It's Not Me
60 Runaway

This song deserves to be notice.. Kinda has the feel of a Van Halen song.. A must hear period.

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