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1 The Kill

Fantastic song... I'm crying when I listen to it beacuse of how good it is...

You Will Never Ever Get Bored Of This Song Its So Beautiful And very Understanding... The Video Is Great And The Opening And Ending Is So Beautiful It Deserve To Be No. 1 The Kill Rocks...

Never get tired of hearing this. This is the second song that I heard from the band and I fell in love with it already

Indeed the best 30 Seconds to Mars song and the best rock song that moves me.

2 Closer to the Edge

One word - AmAzInG! really can't get bored of this song! the video is too good to miss as well

This song is amazing. Like I can listen to it all day and it won't get old. Plus the lyrics, they're beautiful. :')

I don't know what to say about this song and 30 Seconds to Mars! Words can't describe it! I feel like Closer To The Edge is the greatest song ever made and that 30 Seconds to Mars is the greatest band ever! Proud being an Echelon! Love you Jared, Shannon and Tomo! You guys changed my life.

This song has made many people realize that they can do what they want and it's their live and no one else can control that it saved many peoples lives it helped about 5 of my friends and helped me this song will always be the best songs ever made in many minds

3 This Is War

One of the best 3STM songs next to The Kill in my opinion. The thing about 3STM that I love so much is their versatility- they're great whether we listen to their softer stuff, like Hurricane (Without the rap guy), or harder stuff, like Edge of the Earth.

One of the best songs ever I seriously recommend this to all people to listen to it we really have to end war before war end us but too bad war will never end. War is a characteristic of humans and as long as humans exist´╗┐ so will the war...

My all time favourite 30 Seconds to Mars song! This song is so inspiring, it's about fighting for what you believe and the changes people are willing to fight for! The vocals by Jared in this song are incredible, and the emotion he puts in for every lyric is so touching. This is, without doubt, their best song both lyrically and musically. Once you listen to it, you won't be able to stop until you know the song off by heart!

This song and its lyrics are just EPIC, I listened to this song on the Dragon Age Origins trailer and it just made me shiver

4 Kings and Queens

The vocals are so deep and the song is emotional in itself. This should definitely be in the top 5 songs. I never get tired listening to it!

Just has so much emotion an you never get tired of hearing it! I love hearing Shannon drum in this one and Tomo is also very good! No one can't beat Jared Leto's vocals!

An amazing song! One of the best I've ever heard its so powerful! LOVE IT SO MUCH!

One of the greatest songs in the history of music. It is timeless, ardent, and inspirational. The electrifying beat is worthy, and matched only by its charismatic cry for revolution. That is, the revolution to not become slaves to the thorns of doubt and deterrent, but to rise up and break free of the shackles, and transcend the confines of our own imagination. - its_ya_boy_JDawg

5 From Yesterday

Top three! One of the greatest songs of 30STM!
I love this song, lots of energy there! VOTE right here!

It can get you hooked to it just with a first time listen, definitely a song that needs to be in at least the 3rd position o-o

Oh no its imposible! This song is completely great it would be on 1st place. The lyrics are amazing. FROM YESTERDAY! - thetwn

Jared Leto's voice is amazing in this song! Better than This is war, Kings and Queens, Closer to the Edge, Hurricane, and Edge Of the Earth! Listen and you will feel this way too! It was 2nd a few weeks ago and should be again!

6 Attack

I LOVE this song... but seeing that I love just about every song on this list, it was a pretty hard choice. wish I could vote for all of them

Totally agree this should be one of the top three. Excellent CD! All their songs are great but this one stands along side of The Kill!

This song is amazing. It's my never give up song! When this is on I can run a marathon and feel like I can take on a tiger (haven't tried it yet).
This should be 4th at least or higher!
You guys should try listening to this, SERIOUSLY~!

All listen to this song just try it and you will then vote for it I don't know why it's so low, it's a lot better then all the ones above, this should actually be number 1... Just try it

7 Hurricane

I could listen to Hurricane over and over again, I think it's an amazing piece of music!

Immersion is a good word to describe what you feel... I'm so overwhelmed by feelings, shocked, and moved deeply into my very body every time I'm listening to it...

I have been listening to this song for the last three days. Listened it for more than 70-80 times and still counting. Such a raw vocal and beautiful lyrics. Who needs dope when you have stuff like this. I am totally immersed into it.

This song is totally my favorite song by 30 seconds to mars. I listen to this song everytime I feel down, I listen to it over and over again. The sound is amazing, the lyrics are just so freaking good & Jared's voice is so damn beautiful.. Thirty seconds to mars is just the best band for me, no doubt. They changed my life, they mean everything to me!

8 A Beautiful Lie

Beautiful lie should be number 1 because it deserves that place I think closer to the edge is a bit over rated

This song rocks! A beautiful lie Album is the best album made by 30 seconds to MARS.

I definitely agree with the guy below me, A Beautiful Lie is the best album! And this is pretty much the theme of the album! I love the intro!

I'll vote for a beautiful lie although I have definitely no favorite song because I like them all! All 30 seconds to mars's songs are so beautiful and meaningful and I never get tired of hearing them over and over again. NO matter how many songs from different bands I listen to, when a 30 Seconds to Mars song begging, I think there is not such a band who have CREATED music that are so moving in a special and unique way. It brings to you the feeling of patriotic love mostly like mass (Echelon) love... But I voted for this song because I relate to it in a very emotional way.

9 Edge of the Earth

Are you kidding me? Edge of the earth is undoubtedly the best 30 Seconds to Mars song! The pure aggression in the voice of Jared Leto combined with the heavy guitar and powerful drums make this the most awesome 30 Seconds to Mars song ever!

GUYS! This song should be in the top position... This track really doesn't deserve the 4th position... Please vote for it... Just listen to it... I assure! You won't regret

No way this is one of the best songs ever released by TSTM. The music is fantastic and the ending is awesome. This song should be on top of the list

This is war STINKS. S/T 4 LIFE
This record made we want to live, ABL made me happy to be alive, TIW made me want to kill myself.

10 Night of the Hunter

Amazing Song talking about the Movie Night of the Hunter. "One Night of the Hunter One Day I will get revenge One night to remember. - Soulstealer

Awesome song. Really rejuvenates your soul. The part where Jared sings "One night of... " is the USP of the song. Best 30 STM songs for pop lovers.

Aside from the awesome uniqueness of the beat, the lyrics in this song are one of the best I've ever heard in one or their songs. They're really vague, but they get you thinking. Listen if you haven't:) also jared's vocals are great in this song too

This song proves that 30 STM has got a great taste in Pop apart from Rock and Heavy Metal. Some great music and lyrics make this song fantastic.

The Contenders

11 City of Angels

I think it's Number 1, purely because it speaks of something more than practically any Mars song I've heard. It's about finding your dreams and hope and that one place where you feel surrounded by magic and the people around you will never be your enemies, they'll only be your closest friends and it's about re-discovery and re-discovering yourself or even just discovering yourself, and I think that's incredibly powerful. Oh, and it's about Los Angeles and I love L. A!

This song a token me by storm because ever since I first discovered this song I've been unable to stop listening to this Beautiful song!

I mena it you've really got to take a moment and listen to this song because the whole song is amazing and Jared can hit those notes and his Voice is a beauty!

I Am HOME... Home - Curti2594

For me it number 1! It's so amazing!

I was lost in the ocean of dreams listening to this song... Just AWESOME BEATS which raises up the song so much... Must hear song.



12 Up In the Air

It's one of those songs that is not too loud and yet has everywhere 30 seconds of mars written on it

I think this is the band's most accomplished song and establishes that they are a great rock and roll band. I therefore think its their best song. Hopefully others realise this soon.

Awesome lyrics. "A portrait of a tortured you and I." Splendid vocals, of course. Your lungs synchronize with the thump of the beat. Vote for it, guys.

I really like this song. Is different but amazing should be at least at the top ten. The video is also awesome and please vote for this song

13 Do or Die

This song is so motivating. It's really about living your life to the fullest and enjoying the memories you've made. It's a really amazing song and the lyrics are genius, it's so fun to sing along to as well.

It's songs like this that make me love this band. I love the positive message of this song. This song is all about following your dreams no matter what

This song it's my favorite song from their new record.

I just came across this band, listened to this song and thought Wow! I expected it to be #1 turns out it's all the way down to #36. So underrated!

14 Capricorn (A Brand New Name)

Brilliant guitar riffs, amazing vocals, and the video's outta the world... Jeez, I'm surprised Capricorn's not ON THE TOP!

The First Song To Graze The Ears Of 30 Seconds Fans And We All Still Love it! -

What is wrong...
This song is awesome... Like it should be in the top 5
I love the chorus and the guitar and vocals are just awesome...

Oh man, this song is EPIC, much more than Hurricane or even Kings and Queens. The Kill deserves the top, but Capricorn deserves, at least, the #6.

15 Vox Populi

This is such an inspirational and moving song. It's a call for everyone who has ever believed in something to stand together and fight for what they believe in. It really defines the band, and is one of my all time favourite 30 Seconds to Mars song!

It has such an inspirational feel with the upbeat tempo and battle cry chorus. Jared belts it out, Tomo accents on guitar, and Shannon does his thing. This is 30 Seconds to Mars at their best.

Definitely is in my top 5. It's a song that is so inspirational and is less of a song, and more of a fighter's anthem and it's unbelievably amazing.

Stomp your feet and clap till you drop. - zaybee_j

16 Echelon

such an amazing song... could listen to it over and over again and never get tired of it...

This is absolutely my favorite song by 30 seconds to mars some people might not like but even so whats this epic song doing down around the thirties I'm mean some people might not like it but not this much! It should be at least in the top 10 not way down here holy smokes!

What the hell man... this should be at least in top 5 it's such a greatest song I've ever listened, just give it a try, I just can't get enough of it

If you re not aware of what is called chills in your spines then give this song a try and I m sure you will not regret it. For me this is, was and ever will be one of the most masterpiece song of all time.

17 Welcome to the Universe


The feeling of this song can't compare with others 30 Seconds to Mars songs, in my point. The chords, harmony, the melodic guitar and the lyrics of Jared at the end.. Just like a masterpiece.

The lyrics alone are enough to place this in the top 10! This should have been a single, if only it was a bit longer.

"You wait in the palid slivered sky, come into the pantheoon. Welcome to the universe. Welcome to the universe! "

I won't hold it against anyone if they're deaf or never heard of this unbelievable song, but I really want everyone to vote for Welcome to the Universe!

18 R-Evolve

Can't believe that this is so low, easily one of their best!

You kidding me by putting this song at number 25.this song should be number of the best rock song I ever heard.

BEST SONG EVER! Unique lyrics, Unique melody, Unique performance...
I'm so depressed about the fact that they don't play it regularly in their shows... (let's say never... )

100 suns beat R-Evolution? WHAT? R-Evolution is the best

19 100 Suns

What the hell! I don't believe it this is their best song and it should at least be in the top three; you can see true singing ability in this song and his voice takes you somewhere when you listen to it. Sad that it's only two minutes.

This is such a short and sweet song! How is it 50th? I'm not saying that this song is their best, but it most certainly deserves to be in a higher position that it is now.

This song gets to you. Come on! Guys it deserves to be in top 10.

It talks about a love above everything

20 End of All Days

O can't believe this song isn't on the top ten, it's amazing and deserves more. really good relatable lyrics + the voice and piano sounds majestic on this one

This is the most truthful song about life. Great piano and use of synths. Lyrics and timbre are amazing. Jared really gets his God damn point across. Best singing I've heard him do live or studio!

This song is amazing! People need to give it the attention it deserves, truly a beautiful song, definitely in my top 5 favorite Mars songs! Please check it out guys!

Jared use hard and strong lyric for this song that is why this song is unique

21 The Fantasy

Really cool song. It's very relatable. Doing anything to accomplish your wildest dreams and your greatest hopes is something that everyone can tell a story about. - edtheiii

This truly is my favourite song by them, but then again this entire album was amazing. The first album had a couple decent songs but it was just not the best. The third and fourth albums were iffy, like just couldn't get into them. The new one is actually pretty good but still really poppy. Beautiful Lie is The one album I can listen to on repeat for long periods of time

This number must be on nr. 1! This is an awesome song!
I think that this song is cooler than The Kill, because you can sing with the song and it has a tekst that you can follow without many screaming or something... I THIS SONG!

"SAY IT, SAY IT, SAY THAT YOU BELIEVE! " I don't believe this website, some of the songs above this makes me laugh out loud. Ah well.

22 Fallen

Look at all the weak fallen men voting for This Is War songs over this classic!

Probably the best Thirty Seconds to Mars song. Mainly featuring MJK, and this song rocks. - Soulstealer

I'm addicted to this song!

Night Of The Hunter ahead of this? Facepalm. Ah well, there's nothing we can do anymore. All these new Mars fans have taken over, sadly.

23 Oblivion

Brilliant song, great energy. With End of the Beginning, Fallen and Echelon my favorite songs of this pretty damn good album! Everybody run now...

You kidding me? How is this not in the top 5?

Amazing most people don't vote for it because they never heard it just try it's awesome!

I'm sad that I voted from yesterday now. This doesn't have enough votes! This song is epic!

24 Search and Destroy

One word: intensity. The first time I heard it, I felt a tugging at my very soul; the chorus is a true battle cry, and embodies the theme of the album perfectly in just two measures.

All time favourite SONG IN GENERAL along Don't stop me now... Lets have this little piece of heaven rank up a bit shall we?

I can't understand why this song is number 30!? it MUST get higher, NOW! it is one of my all time favourites.

One of the best vocals I've heard in a long time.

25 The Mission

The Mission is my favorite song ever thus being that in my opinion it's the best song ever! I wish 30 seconds to mars made a video to this so more fans could hear it!

What YOU GUYS SUCK THIS SONG IS THE GREATEST THIS POLL ISN'T ACCURATE. The opening itself beats most of these songs... And then the chorus? To die for.

Simply after Edge Of Earth the best song of their first song

26 Alibi

It's not about a song over others, we have our own songs for each perfect moment, you choose what you want, we are in democracy. I remember listening to this song in an special moment, and it linked to me forever, that's why I love this song and "Oblivion".
If you listening to this song when you feel like you can't make a choice or move on, it will link to you for eternity, it will be there for you when you need it, and it will give you those sweet words your soul really needs to hear.

It's a song about living and the risk you take when you live, about taking choices, making mistakes, quest, etc, it doesn't matter what happens you keep going always till you wake up in some other reality... and then you keep going.

So no one has ever listened to this song, huh? Whenever I remember something sad and listen to this song, I just break down, feel like I wanna kill myself. It's probably the last one here but in my heart it's undeniably the best song.

Alibi is easily my favorite song by 30 Seconds to Mars, and certainly one of my all time favorite musical pieces. A very powerful song.

This is my absolute favorite song ever! It is so amazing and sad and beautiful and makes me cry every time I listen to it. Its sad but its also inspiring and just really moving. Best song for sure

27 Buddha for Mary

The reason I fell in love with 30 Seconds to Mars. The sound is totally unique- it's grungy, sexy and weird but totally epic. Should definitely be in the top 10, at least.

Closer to the Edge and This is War on 2nd and 3rd? Oh come on... they are good for having some fun in a crowd, but musically there are better songs. Like THIS one...

WOW! Hurricane, Night Of The Hunter etc ahead of this? Have you people even LISTENED to the first album. I suggest you do so, ASAP.

I don't know how to describe...
This song is crazy and there are a few things I don't undstand.
There are so much questions but I thinkthats exactly jared wanted.
Anyway I can't forget this song. Love it!

28 End of the Beginning

End of the Beginning needs to way higher on this list at least top ten this song is incredible.


END OF THE BEGINNING breathtaking song I guess judging by this list I'm an original 30 SECONDS TO MARS fans love their debut album. End of the Beginning best song ever!

NO WAY should this song be below the top 10 Jared's amazing vocals and guitar mixed with Shannon's drums and tomo's bass is PERFECTION!

29 Savior

Hell Yeah this is a hectic song! Anyone who hasn't heard it should deffs give it a go.

DON'T SAVE ME DON'T SAVE ME CAUSE I DON'T CARE! This song is awesome, kick ass. My favourite song, I love the beat.

I'll never understand why this epic song is so underrated :(

30 Bright Lights

Just like Do Or Die full of hope

This is the best song ever!

Such and underrated song my 2nd favorite song

Very beautifull song love you all

31 The Story

The story its a such a epic song with good lyrics and vocals. I just love how mellow it is and can't believe that its all the way in 27 it should be number two, right next to the kill honestly people what are you thinking! Listen to the sample and you'll know what I mean

This is really the best song of 30 seconds to mars
Awesome lyrics
Awesome music
Awesome singing
It has got nice feelings
This is severely underrated song
They should have released this song as a single - soumildutta

Such an amazing song!

Great song. Must listen for all music lovers. How come not even in top 10...

32 Phase 1: Fortification
33 Was It a Dream?

My ultimate 30 seconds to mars guilty pleasure song, it's not the best, but far from the worst. I enjoy listening to the compelling lyrics and it's a good song for a rainy day!

Incredible song! Big grower - one of those songs you could easily bypass for the more popular ones, but on repeat spins it becomes apparent that the verses/lyrics represent the band at their simplistic best. Totally melancholy, but beautiful regardless. An absolute must to hear when times are tough, lyrics superbly relatable. Wallow in it's sadness, then put on Close to the Edge for the "pick-me-up"! Great song!

A very beautiful song indeed... deserves to be much higher in this list...

epic! listen to it immediately! top 10-15.

34 Stay

New soft rock song... Itss awesomes.

Really good song... Just try it ones..

35 Birth

Epic instrumentals... A great intro to the new album!

Assassin's creed rogue made it a soundtrack

I really can't believe this number 1 32 are you kidding me
it's not just the band's best's my favorite song of all time

36 93 Million Miles

This song is what 30 Seconds to Mars used to stand for.

Why is this song not higher ranked, oh my god. This is slower, but a fantastic song.

Beautiful lyrics. Jared show in this song that he can sing anyway he want

37 Stronger

One of my favorite 30 second to mars songs really amazing.

38 Stranger in a Strange Land

Can't understand why this song is so unknown... This song is so EPIC. Clear closer to the edge or the kill are much better but with such an genial instrumental part this song should be under the top 10! Its just GODLIKE (y)

Don't throw anything on me please but 1) this song is in my top 5 along with kill, attack, battle of one and echelon 2) this song utterly reminds me song named "scoundrel days" by A-Ha for some weird reason...

This song is amazing, just listen to it and you will be addicted!

This song is pretty unknown. It deserves to be top 3. Unbelievably amazing. I heard every single other one of their songs before this. I didn't discover it until a week ago and damn I am glad I did. It is so good

39 A Modern Myth

A Song Of the Most Deepest Meaning that it clutches You deep Down In The Core And Whispers Softly ( PUT ME ON REPLAY) -

Oh my god, this song is just amazing. Should be in the top ten without question! Listen to it and VOTE!

Great song man
Awesome and moreover jared is really cool on this one!
Heaven on earth 30 STM rocks!

40 Battle of One

This song is metal and it beats 90% of the songs off This Is War, should be in the top 15.

, I didn't know they have this song. I just checked it and fall into it immediately.30 seconds to mars is truly a talented and versatile band. I love this band even more than before. The Kill is surely #1 without a doubt, and this song deserves to be top 10 in this list.

Top song, just the best.

Try and stop me, try and save me
I want to fall!
I absolutely LOVE this song! I can listen to this song all day!
It's one of my favourites of 30 seconds to mars, this song should be in the top 10!

41 Northern Lights

This is simply the best song on the new album. It's just so amazing, full of emotions.

My favourite from the new album, but pyres of varanasi is close

A song to remember!

42 Year Zero

I really love this song and I don;t like seeing it this low down! I think most of 30 Seconds' songs are amazing and I agree with The Kill being first but Year Zero is AWESOME! It has to beat all the songs from This Is War! Debut Album was the best.

43 Hurricane 2.0

I reallly think this song is better than the original, EVERYBODY needs to hear this

At leaat top 7

44 Praying for a Riot
45 Valhalla

I love this song! So sad that seems like no one has notice it! The lyrics are very crude and if you like heavy rock this ones for you.

INCREDIBLE song! If this was on their self titled album I garuntee it would be top ten! Just not enough exposure, sadly. - 10Jackson

46 L490

Keep calm and L490!

When I listen to this music I lost myself in my memories.
I just want kill my self when I listen to this music...

Why isn't this up there^? It needs to be :(

47 Where the Streets Have No Name

Amazing song cover! Better than the original!

Hearing the original then this version WOW, this song truly brings out Jareds vocals, I am disappointed that this isn't in the list

48 The Race

Way better than 39, I am angry

Love is a dangeourus game to play

On of the hardest songs of Love Lust Fait + Dreams

49 Occam's Razor
50 Pyres of Varanasi

What? This song goes alright, what is it doing this far down? This version is slightly fast paced though.

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