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41 Northern Lights

This is simply the best song on the new album. It's just so amazing, full of emotions.

My favourite from the new album, but pyres of varanasi is close

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42 Year Zero

I really love this song and I don;t like seeing it this low down! I think most of 30 Seconds' songs are amazing and I agree with The Kill being first but Year Zero is AWESOME! It has to beat all the songs from This Is War! Debut Album was the best.

43 Praying for a Riot
44 Hurricane 2.0

I reallly think this song is better than the original, EVERYBODY needs to hear this

45 Where the Streets Have No Name

Hearing the original then this version WOW, this song truly brings out Jareds vocals, I am disappointed that this isn't in the list

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46 Valhalla

I love this song! So sad that seems like no one has notice it! The lyrics are very crude and if you like heavy rock this ones for you.

47 Occam's Razor
48 Revenge

I thought I knew all the mars songs! Jared really shows off his vocals in this song. great stuff!

49 Hunter

Really good song... Just try it ones..

50 Pyres of Varanasi

What? This song goes alright, what is it doing this far down? This version is slightly fast paced though.

51 Save Me
52 Do or Die (Afrojack Remix)
53 City of Angels (Hardwell Remix)
54 Anarchy In Tokyo
55 Revolution
56 Under Pressure

Best of the unreleased songs

57 Was It a Dream?

My ultimate 30 seconds to mars guilty pleasure song, it's not the best, but far from the worst. I enjoy listening to the compelling lyrics and it's a good song for a rainy day!

A very beautiful song indeed... deserves to be much higher in this list...

epic! listen to it immediately! top 10-15.

58 The Story

The story its a such a epic song with good lyrics and vocals. I just love how mellow it is and can't believe that its all the way in 27 it should be number two, right next to the kill honestly people what are you thinking! Listen to the sample and you'll know what I mean

This is really the best song of 30 seconds to mars
Awesome lyrics
Awesome music
Awesome singing
It has got nice feelings
This is severely underrated song
They should have released this song as a single - soumildutta

Such an amazing song!

Great song. Must listen for all music lovers. How come not even in top 10...

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59 Time to Wake Up
60 L490

Keep calm and L490!

When I listen to this music I lost myself in my memories.
I just want kill my self when I listen to this music...

Why isn't this up there^? It needs to be :(

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