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61 L490

Keep calm and L490!

When I listen to this music I lost myself in my memories.
I just want kill my self when I listen to this music...

Why isn't this up there^? It needs to be :(

62 Bad Romance

I know this is not their song but I really think this is an amazing cover and even better than the original

Love the remake! One of the best covers

63 Fate
64 Escape
65 Santa Through the Back Door
66 The Struggle
67 Depuit Le Debut
68 Convergence

Is this their best song? Hell no. Is it their worst? In my opinion no. It's a great, calm song that makes me feel happy. It's unknown, underrated, but also doesn't deserve to be praised too much. I have no idea how this song is below some cover songs by Thirty Seconds to Mars. I'm not sure covers should even count. Like, seriously? This is a decent song people. And it's original. Listen to it if you haven't.

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