Why Andi Mack is Not a Good Disney Channel Show

Andi Mack is a show that runs on the Disney Channel that shouldn’t be.
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1 It’s boring

Ya - Trucker55


It’s really boring. They try to make the storyline interesting by throwing in MORE drama, it’s just...no.

Andi is the most uninteresting character on the show despite being the title character. Her storyline brings unnecessary and pointless drama and Jandi is just a cringey repetitive ship. Every other character is more interesting than her.

2 It’s not Much of a Kid Show

So what do we need, another Air Buddies movie?

3 It’s cheesy

Every episode just has Andi storming out of a room because she got angry at something.

The characters are great except for Andi herself, Jonah, Miranda, Morgan, and that "I hope you have a very good lawyer" beotch.

4 It’s a rip off of Lizzy Maguire
5 No one likes it

I've seen a lot of people who love the show and I mean A LOT. Most of the reviews of the show range from average to excellent and the fanbase is going strong.

6 Too much feminism

There’s no feminism in here. Even some girls just hate in each other. There is a lot of girl on girl crime and that isn’t feminism at all

Everything is feminist, everything is sjw, everything is heterophobic.

No feminism. Andi steals another girls boyfriend and there is a lot of gossiping and accusations against the females.

7 It’ll be forgotten in the next three years

I think it would be remembered for quite some time.

8 It’s not funny
9 It’s cringeworthy

Jandi is the only cringeworthy thing about to be honest.

All of the ship drama is the cringiest part. Jandi is annoying and Jyrus was handled poorly. Buffy seems to have a crush on Marty, but then its Jonah, then Walker, maybe its TJ, or Cyrus, Andi, Amber, Natalie, Iris...

10 Episode titles suck

That's a very odd reason to hate on it but whatever, I guess...