Why Raven’s Home is Better Than Disney’s Andi Mack

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1 Raven’s Home has Raven in it.

Hay would you put me naxt epshde

I like both Raven's Home and Andi Mack.

Andi Mack sucks

2 Raven’s home is funny
3 Andi Mack is boring
4 Andi Mack has adult content

Kids shouldn't be watching a show that talks about LGBT, teen pregnancy, periods, etc.

Better than having typical ultra-conservative Disney Channel shows!

5 Raven’s Home has better jokes

Raven’s Home also has a better theme song. At least you want to dance to the theme song or do something. Andi Mack’s theme song has nothing to it

6 Andi Mack is likely to end soon
7 Ravens home will be on the air for a very long time
8 Andi Mack sucks
9 Raven’s Home has good actors, Andi Mack doesn’t
10 Andi Mack Has Teen Pregnancy. Not for kids!

But the show is for tweens/teens. Even if it didn't have any adult content it still wouldn't be for 2-9 year olds.