Reasons Why Child Abuse Should Be Legal

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1 Nobody likes kids

This list is awful! I know kids can be annoying sometimes, but that doesn't give you the right to abuse them! - RoseWeasley

So we should be allowed to abuse you? - RoseWeasley

Child abuse is never an excuse! - BorisRule

So you technically hate yourself? - Userguy44

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2 They all watch TV

Not all of them. A lot of them read books. - WheresMyGuitarPick

That's not true. - Pokemonfan10

I hate T.V. (except for Netflix) and my annoying grown up relatives couldn't live without it. - Firemist

Adults watch T.V. more than kids. Just ask the baby boomer generation - Nonpointed

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3 All kids are ugly

If it's fine to abuse someone because they're ugly, then Piplup abuse should be legal. So should Piplup family abuse. - RoseWeasley

Then Piplup abuse should be legal. - RoseWeasley

Look up Lauren Lunde. - RoseWeasley

Whoever made this list must have been a real child abuser! That is sick and twisted! Every single child is beautiful in their own way, no matter what!

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4 They may be boys

Stop being sexist! - Peppapigsucks

Ugh, I hate sexist people. Without both genders, we wouldn't be here. Get that in your tiny little head. - WheresMyGuitarPick

Grown-ups can be boys, too. - Firemist

Is this another misandry?
Warum Gott hasst mich?! - BorisRule

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5 According to a poll on a website, 98% of all voters hate kids

Where did you get this information from? Wikipedia? - Pokemonfan10

Are you sure you're not just making that up? - Firemist

Let me guess, drug dealers called BuzzFeed. - BorisRule

Lost faith in humanity. What website was this anyway?

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6 More than 8 million kids were sent to juvie in A SINGLE YEAR!

And there are over 2 billion kids in the world. Your point is? - MrCoolC

I love kids

And some of them are actually innocent, like the normal jail. Innocent people don't deserve to be in jail - BorisRule

7 They cry for the smallest reasons They cry for the smallest reasons

Okay but still, child abuse should not be legal no matter what. Parents decided to have the child, they should’ve mentally prepared for it or understand what a huge responsibillity it is. So no, overall, child abuse should not be legal. - NightJinx

If you were smart, you should realize they cry so they can tell their parents for food, care, or if they are hurt. - MrCoolC

Do you have to make me hate you? - Firemist

You're whinging for the smallest reason, whoever made this list. - WheresMyGuitarPick

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8 Kids make you have the worst life one has ever had

If you think your life is worse than the millions of kids being abused, then please do us all a favour and lock yourself away from society. - 3DG20

I am willing to take a risk and raise a child as a future parent. No matter how harsh it can be, I'm willing to sacrifice part of my life to give a child a better one. - Nonpointed

very true.

I'm willing to sacrifice my entire life and to die to give birth to my child

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9 All kids are ugly.

You were a kid too so? - Userguy44

This list is starting to get repeaty... - Firemist

By that logic, whoever made this list is a kid. - yungstirjoey666

It’s not like you aren't

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10 They are all autistic

Autism is a mental disorder, for god's sake. It's not stupidity. Or a disease. - WheresMyGuitarPick

What you should be banned

Only 1 in around 40. So? - Cyri

Where is the evidence? - Userguy44

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