The Stupidest Reasons Cartoon Network Has Held A Teen Titans Go! Marathon

Sometimes, Cartoon Network holds Teen Titans Go! marathons because the show is popular or because it's a holiday.
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The Top Ten

1 Winter Storm Toby

Cartoon Network changed their schedule the day this happened to show nothing but Teen Titans Go for TWO DAYS all over a snowstorm that didn't do much harm. I had to drive somewhere the day this marathon happened, and it didn't even snow that much where we lived or in the states we passed on our drive!

2 Just because it was Friday

According to some promos for the Friday marathon block, kids can "start their weekend with the Titans". Hello? Most kids still have school on Fridays! I don't think this is a good idea! And even Nickelodeon copied CN's idea by showing nothing but PAW Patrol on their preschool block on Friday mornings...

3 An all-week marathon to premiere OK KO and The Night Begins To Shine

Seriously, CN? There was no major kids' event to compete with (well, maybe except the T.V. premiere of Big Hero 6), and this made absolutely no sense! The Night Begins to Shine may have been a highly-praised episode, but why did you need to run a marathon for it? Also, O.K. KO is good, but what does that show have to do with Teen Titans Go?

4 To celebrate Beast Boy's birthday

Why does Beast Boy get to have a special all-day marathon for his birthday? That is the silliest idea I've ever heard!

5 To promote their own movie

If I were Cartoon Network, I would take the show off the schedule the weekend of the movie and replace it with reruns of Gumball, OK KO, Summer Camp Island, Adventure Time and We Bare Bears. This strategy worked for Nick when they took Rugrats off the air for the weekend when its' movie came out.

6 Because a non-TTG show is going to air a new episode that day

This used to happen far more often in 2015 and 2016, but basically what they would do is air TTG all day, then air the show with the new episode at the end of the day. Why not air a marathon of the show that's premiering a new episode instead, or show movies? I know in some cases like the TTG marathon for the new show My Knight and Me they couldn't do that, but just shoving on more TTG to celebrate that isn't good.

7 To coax viewers to win non TTG-related prizes

One Easter, they ran the Teen Titans Go! Easter Egg Hunt. The reason? People could find Easter Eggs in episodes and win prizes related to...STEVEN UNIVERSE AND THE POWERPUFF GIRLS? What?

8 The Teen Titans Go! Top 5 (AKA the 5-hour weekend block)

So back in the spring of 2015 or so, they would have this block where they'd loop the top 5 Teen Titans Go! episodes as picked by fans. By the fall, this grew into a 5-hour block which still continues to this day.

9 To compete with awards ceremonies kids don't watch

Sometimes, CN holds marathons to compete with things like the Emmys and the Academy Awards, which I don't believe many kids watch.

10 To compete with new episodes of shows for preschoolers

Because the show also does so well with toddlers, they sometimes do this. For example, they once ran a marathon against a PAW Patrol special, and they ran another one against a special episode of PJ Masks where we learn the origins of the team.