Reasons Peach is Better Than Pauline

I kind of regret making this list opinionated, but please post and give me thoughts on the matter. To me, Pauline is just a pointless Mayor only there to look pretty and sing, but that's my opinion.
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1 Peach is more developed.

They show her real name (Christine), she has a cousin (you know her as Daisy), one of her relatives are a Toad meaning she may be part Toad, etc.

Pauline has almost no character depth before Odyssey.

According to the original Super Mario Bros. Manual, Bowser had reasons for kidnapping her. It was because she could stop Bowser with magic. Peach has a cousin, and she also revealed she's Part Toad (I got that second part from the wiki just so you know).

2 She did things that Pauline didn't.

She's fought Bowser at least 3 times (Super Mario Bros. 2 USA, Super Princess Peach, and Super Mario 3D World).

3 Pauline isn't exactly useful generally.

All Pauline did was scream "HELP!" the first time she was taken.

4 Peach has more personality.

One time I commented about Wendy O. Koopa saying I'd rather have a bratty personality than no personality at all. And that applies here. I find Peach has a very cheering personality, while Pauline's is very little.

5 Peach has shown her strength many times, Pauline has not.

Examples: Super Mario RPG (bringin' out the big guns and Rocket Launchers *TERRIBLE JOKE*), Smash, Super Princess Peach (I talked about it earlier), And even Sports.

6 Peach is more intelligent.

Peach can sneak letters and items to Mario, while Pauline can't jump off an open platform.

7 Pauline never helps Mario.

Combining all of my previous mentions, Peach contributes quite a bit to help Mario. However, none of these things apply for Pauline. At all.

8 Along with being more developed, Peach has more purpose than just being a Damsel In Distress.

Instead of just being that constant Damsel, Peach has actually become a staple.

9 Along with having more personality, Peach got hers earlier on.

Pauline got her personality in Super Mario Odyssey, while Peach got hers at least 12 years ago (Super Princess Peach).

10 Pink is better than Red

OOH, YA HEAR THAT? I just said it!

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