My Favorite TF2 Classes

This is my favorite classes on Team Fortress 2. This is my opinion, so please don't get mad, ok?
Also i pretty much like all classes and think they are pretty good. It's just some i like... less than others.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Medic

I love playing healers in games, and the Medic is no acception. His gameplay style not only envolves keeping people alive, you can also greatly upgrade there power for a short period of time. This can range from making them invincible, giving them constant critical hits, and more. Overall I just love how he plays.

2 Scout

This is one of the most loved classes in TF2, so does this really come as a suprise? He is a really fun fast/agile type of character, which is weird considering I don't really like most of those charecters (*cough tracer *cough.) Unpopular opinions aside he is really good at sneaking behind enemy lines and capturing objectives. He is also my favorite pick for CP and CTF.

3 Engineer

This guitar loving Texan my number 3 pick. Some people see him as boring and not fun. Well when your not turtling in the intelligence room on 2Fort he can actually be really exciting. It's kinda hard to go indepth to his more complex gameplay, so you should go visit Uncle Dane on youtube if you want to learn more about the Engineer.

4 Pyro

TRUST ME, I CAN EXPLAIN. First off, this is my opinion. If this list was about how good I think the Pyro is, he might be around number 7. Second of all. I just fell he is really fun to play (w + mouse1 jokes aside.) Pyro can actually be a lot of fun if you use wepons like the Thermal Thruster and Neon Annihilator. I would mostly play Pyro if I want to have fun.

5 Demoman

While I don't think he is the power house people claim him to be, I can see why. He has one of the highest skill caps in the game, and is deadly paired with a medic. Demoknight as a subclass is also really fun. I think Demoman is a really good class.

6 Heavy

Heavy Weapons Guy is a great addition to the game. Aside from being the cover of the game he is (in my opinion) amazing when paired with a medic. He is also great fun to play, and a go to if you are being friendly. Just watch out for Spys and Snipers.

7 Soldier

Although not my favorite, I adore some of things you can do with Solider. Market gardening, rocket jumping, its all really fun and creative. Other than the previous listed facts it is basically like demoman. He is good with a medic and has a high skill cap. I think he actually really good. You might think though (why is he at number 7 if you think he is really good? ) I really just don't care to master the art of playing solider as much as other classes. other than that I think he is great.

8 Spy

I'm gonna take this time to remind you this is my opinion. I am kind of split on the Spy as a class. I think he is a very fun class and can be deadly if he can get behind enemy lines. On the other hand I fell if a team has a pyro it can be tough to get to a good position. Spy checking is also been growing in the TF2 community. Overall, he is a good class

9 Sniper

Call me a tastless muppet if you want, I just don't like the Sniper that much. I know how good some people are at Sniper and I know he can be exciting at times. I just personally find him boring compared to the rest. But that's really it, he is fine in gameplay.

10 Pyro (w+m1)

Do you even need a discription for me to tell you why this is stupid?