Top Ten Video Games that Get Too Much Attention

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The Top Ten

1 Fortnite: Battle Royale

Oh god, why is it always Fortnite this and fortnite that, just shut the heck up already please! This game has to be hands down, the most overrated videogame in the universe, along with minecraft, five nights and freddies and undertale. I honestly never understood what is so special about this game whatsoever! My whole entire school who plays videogames treat this game like it's the best thing ever, when really it is not, in my opinion. Its just a typical shooting game, where all you do is walk around and shoot, survive and wait to get shot easily. That's all. Also you get shot easily, the controls are chunky as heck and its just so boring. What is so special about this game anyways? Nothing. Absolutely nothing to care about and I am so overall sick about hearing about this game. enough said.

I've never played any of these games except Minecraft and Roblox (which are both AWESOME), but this game in particular is one of the most overrated things in recent memory. Most of my grade plays this game and I'm not allowed to because it's so addicting. I've asked about how it works o kids in my grade and asked if you create you're own avatar, but you can only use expensive skins. That's REALLY sad in my opinion. - PhoenixAura81

2 Five Nights at Freddy's

This game never caught my interests to be honest. I actually kinda like watching the videos about FNAF and them popping up to scare people, but that's all really. I don't play it to be honest. Also its pretty much everywhere on the internet and all this game is about is just scaring people and that's all really.

People find this game scary. It was as scary as the Care Bears Movies. - iliekpiez

3 Minecraft Minecraft

Minecraft is another game I honestly never cared for and never got the hype for. I mean I don't hate it at all, I am just saying it gets too much attention and it had some problems with it as well, such as glitches/bugs and its also pretty boring in creative mode, since all you ever do is build pixels. That's all? Zz...

4 Undertale Undertale

Literally I never got the hype for undertale either, as well as fortnight and minecraft. I honestly hate this game, no offense. The graphics were dull, I didn't like the concept and I couldn't get into the story nor the characters. And what really makes me hate this game is the disgusting and pretentious fanbase, who cannot accept opinions and are the whole main reason undertale is getting hated on. No explanation needed.

5 Call of Duty

Call of duty is so boring as heck. It's the same thing over and over again and all you do pretty much in every single call of duty game, is just walk around and shoot people. That's all? "yawn". Anyways this game series is so lazy and it's the same thing over and over again and the fans are mainly a bunch of 5-year old little kids who whine over Nintendo just because its stereotyped as ""Childish"" and swear a lot as well.

6 Grand Theft Auto

I always hated this game franchise with a burning passion. Its like the family guy of videogames. Racist, sexist and in my opinion, pretty much pointless. Also "cough" "cough" strip clubs "cough". Never liked this game franchise, never will do, unlike most people.

7 World of Warcraft

This game is so overrated as heck and possibly one of the most overrated PC games ever. I honestly never got the hype for it. I think it is absolutely boring as heck and all you ever do is trashy chore tasks.

8 Final Fantasy VII

Why is it that every gamer in my class obsesses over this game? I honestly never cared about final fantasy and guess what everybody's favourite RPG game is? Final fantasy VII, Final fantasy VII, final fantasy VII. Enough please. Its not a bad game and did have some good things about it, but then again, I can name a lot more RPGs better than FF VII to be honest, but that's just my opinion.


This game is absolutely terrible in my opinion! Why do people keep saying this is the best game ever, when really its not? Sure it has a wide collection of videogames, but still, it's a terrible game, that really went downhill, keeps removing games I like and replaces them with games I don't really care for and of course, has one of the worst communities of all time and is filled with cyberbullies. Enough said.

Overrated - poopesmoji111

10 Halo 4

I honestly never played the original halo games but I watched some of their videos and what I have seen from them were pretty good. They had great game campaigns, great stories, awesome action and epic soundtracks. But this game from what I seen, is a complete utter disappointment. The game campaigns weren't that great and oh my gosh, do NOT get me started on multiplayer mode. I heard that it has one of the worst multiplayer modes of all time and is a complete utter insult to hardcore halo fans, such as htoutlaws2012. If you want to here more about this game, just ask my buddy htoutlaws2012. He is smart enough to tell you how disappointing this game is and how overrated it is, enough said.