Movies That Deserved The Rating They Got On Rotten Tomatoes

Since I did the list Movies That Didn’t Deserve The Rating They Got On Rotten Tomatoes, I’m now going to do the movies that do deserve their rating.
The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

The Top Ten

1 The Smurfs 2

As mentioned later on in the list, I was never a fan of “The Smurfs”, but when I saw that someone had supposedly uploaded part of the second movie to YouTube, I decided I would give it another chance since I hadn’t seen it in 2 years. Maybe my opinion will change? So I clicked on the video and I actually enjoyed it, so I went to see it in theatres. Turns out though, that was a different movie. The uploader put “The Smurfs 2” in the title for, no idea why, and as the 10 year old idiot I was, I completely fell for it, but the real movie was actually super boring.
It has a lower score than the first one on Rotten Tomatoes with only a 13% rating. The only thing I would change though is I would’ve given it the same score, but with a negative sign. - 3DG20

2 The Smurfs

Personally, I never liked this movie, even as the easy-to-please 8 year old I was at the time, but this movie was so overrated, that I was half-expecting the rating to be at least a 70%.
However, Rotten Tomatoes apparently dislikes it just as much as I do with a rating of 22%. Ouch! But again, very well deserved. - 3DG20

3 Shrek the Third

I will admit that it was pretty sad when Fiona’s father died and I like that they played “Live and Let Die”, but other than that, I thought the movie was kind of boring and I was completely lost on the plot.
Although I don’t think it deserved a lower rating than “Shrek Forever After” because to me, that was nothing but just some unnecessary add to a series that was already going downhill to begin with, it still got a pretty well deserved rating of 41%. - 3DG20

4 Finding Nemo

This is one of the very few kids films I’ve openly admitted to still liking to this day, not only because of the humour, but now also because of the touching story, beautiful animation, great soundtrack and very talented actors/actresses.
On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a very well deserved score of 99%. - 3DG20

5 Fred: The Movie

Rotten Tomatoes didn’t even bother giving this piece of crap a rating and I wouldn’t have been any different. - 3DG20

Yeah, there are no positive reviews at all.

6 Rio 2

I loved the original movie when it first came out, and I was really looking forward to a sequel because I knew Blu and Jewel were going to have kids. However when it did come out 3 years later, I watched that as well and although I didn’t find it bad, part of me was still disappointed.
On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a score of 46% which is around how I would’ve also rated it, except my score would’ve been a bit lower. - 3DG20

7 Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

Although I loved this when I was little, I now understand perfectly why it only has a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes.
The only reason this felt like a “Lady and the Tramp” movie for me is because they were briefly in it and the plot was pretty much the exact same as the first one: One dog that would do anything for a loving family, one dog that wants to be a wild animal. They meet, wander around the city, eat spaghetti together, fall in love and the end. It’s so predictable. - 3DG20

8 Toy Story

This movie actually got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.
I definitely think it deserved that rating. First of all because of the impact it had on today’s movies, and second, although the stories weren’t as inspiring as “Finding Nemo”, they were still great along with the animation, music and voice actors/actresses. - 3DG20

9 Toy Story 2

This also recieved 100% from Rotten Tomatoes.
Although it wasn’t as good as the first movie in my opinion, I think it still deserved it because they pretty much kept everything that made the first one good in my opinion and it introduced many new characters such as Jessie, Bullseye, Mrs Potato Head, (she was technically introduced in the first one but she didn’t make her appearance until “Toy Story 2”) Zurg etc. - 3DG20

10 The Bee Movie

Score on Rotten Tomatoes: 51%
Although I would’ve had it a little lower, I agree. “The Bee Movie” was kind of boring in my opinion, even when I was younger. - 3DG20