Top Ten Reasons Why AnimeDrawer Thinks Taylor Swift Is Bad

I never liked Taylor Swift, I never got her hype. Why does she have fans? I don’t see anything unique, talented, or special about her at all. She’s also overrated for all the wrong reasons. She’s just an attractive girl(not even pretty)with no talent whatsoever. She’s also a greedy snake in real life(what’s funny is that her Chinese zodiac is the Snake), fake to her fans, and is rude to other celebs like Katy Perry and Calvin Harris.
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The Top Ten

1 Her lyrics are repetitive and lack variety since she always sings about getting revenge on people, whether it’s a feud with another celeb or a break up

Some thoughts: why does it have to be a list of why YOU think she's bad? It could be simple to take "AnimeDrawer thinks" off the title if this list hasn't been made prior. Another suggestion: if a list like this has already been made, why not just submit these items to that specific list? Or make an HQ post/remix discussing this?
I mean no offense. I am trying to be constructive and offer suggestions.

Same old song and dance. She does it every time.

2 She can’t play guitar at all despite the fact that she got taught and abandoned the guitar afterwards for produced electronic beats made for her

She just selects four chords and plays them repeatedly. That's not talent. - awesomedp900

3 Her vocals are whispery and awful live and when she tries to hit a high note, her breath goes out easily and sounds annoying
4 She sued a couple just for playing her song at their wedding
5 She’s greedy and has shown it multiple times especially with her Ticketmaster Scan
6 She fought with Katy Perry over some dancers that were originally Perry’s.
7 She removed her songs off Spotify for her greedy, selfish reasons
8 Her songs are overplayed on the radio
9 Her squad is just a fake clique of attractive girls to make her image look better
10 She sued artists on Etsy just for drawing her lyrics on fanart they made of her