Top 10 Reasons Why Stone Temple Pilots is the Worst Grunge Band Ever

I'm going to be honest I flat out hate Stone Temple Pilots. Other than their High Rise EP their music completely bores me. Hell I'd make the argument that I'd rather listen to Nirvana than Stone Temple Pilots. This is just my silly opinion so please don't take it too seriously.
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The Top Ten

1 Scott Weiland's vocals are horrible

I'm not kidding when I say that he's probably the worst Grunge vocalist there ever was. His vocals are so unlikable and whiny to me that it hurts.

2 Their music is too polished and commercial

You could make a similar argument for Nirvana's Nevermind but that was only one album and at least their other two albums were raw and energetic in every regard.

3 Stone Temple Pilots is too generic

Yes even more generic than Nirvana... I went there.

4 Their music is boring Their music is boring

Their music is just as boring as The Smashing Pumpkins to me...

5 Their music is not original

Well at least to me it isn't... considering how it literally feels like a re-hash of Nirvana.

6 Their music is bland

Some of the most bland music ever made to in my book.

7 They don't live up to their hype

I can see why people like Nirvana as well Alice in Chains but not STP... I mean they're just so bland in many aspects that it kind of hurts.

8 They're not very creative

I'm not joking either... they're music is about as creative as dried up fecal matter.

9 Their music barely has any variety

I can barely tell half of their songs apart because they all sound the same.

10 Most of their discography is mediocre

Again other than the exception of High Rise, they have a painfully annoying discography that gets blander and blander the more it goes on.