Top 10 Best MTY Characters

MTY is a plush channel with roughly about 550 subscribers. might not seem like much but its a pretty decent character.
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The Top Ten

1 Winnie

Winnie is a character that really makes me laugh. the randomness is hilarious and the stuff he says to other characters. Winnie first appeared in MTY Movie: Monopoly but wasn't properly introduced until MTY Movie: Winnie moves in.

2 Fire Mario
3 Codie

Cody is a blue bear but is an absolute weirdo but he's funny to watch. who was first seen in the first video

4 mario

Mario is the main character of the series and is in most of the videos as of Mario's new job. He is always depressed and has a very low pitched voice unless he has a voice crack *cough *cough mcap7. he still makes videos interesting and I can't wait to see more Mario videos in the future.

5 Woody

Woody is also known as the turtle hunter in MTY. He hunts turtles a lot and even has its own series which is starting to get a bit confusing but the first episodes are good. he is a bit quiet though and I would recommend turning up the volume to hear him.

6 Toad

Toad is a character that is really enjoyable to watch and appeared in nearly all of the videos in 2017. he hasnt made much appearances this year and his look isn't great but he is a really funny character especially when he makes mistakes.

7 Marvin

Marvin is quite a wired character with a lot of sexual jokes and it takes a while to understand him. Marvin I guess is Mario's friend and he does not like children.

8 Mario's grandpa

Mario's grandpa is an old man who still thinks he's living in the 1940s. he always brings up the vietnam war and is very funny when he says the most stupid things.

should be higher?

9 Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo. He is most known for his appearances in the Yoshi and Mario franchises.

Yoshi is a character that can be quite funny at times but a censor is needed a lot as he hasn't got very colourful language.

10 Officer Frank V 1 Comment