Top 10 "1970s Singers Who Survived the 1980s"

The 1980s have been rather harsh on some people but some had gave these particular singers the reawakening, resurrection of their fame, perhaps.
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The Top Ten

1 Anne Murray

Country music is a tried and true kind of pop music, perhaps.

Once a country singer, always a country singer

2 Agnetha Faltskog

Agnetha with Peter Cetera is like ABBA meets Chicago. It's like saying Joni Mitchell met Weather Report, as well. "I Stand Alone" has some "eh" parts but most of the time she hit the ball really hard that she did a home run.

She did good with Peter Cetera when she put out "I Stand Alone"

3 Rod Stewart

His grit fits with synth pop.

His grit fits with the synth pop laden music.

4 Phil Collins

And eventually cemented himself as the quintessential 1980s storytelling singer. And produced Anni-Frid Lyngstad's album "Something's Going On".

He not only survived the 1980s, but he eventually became the quintessential 1980s story-telling pop singer we all came to know

5 Ringo Starr

Narrated for a kiddie telly show Thomas and Friends. He got by with a little help from Thomas and Friends.

He stopped and smelled the roses, narrated for Thomas and Friends, and formed his All-Starr Band.

6 Olivia Newton-John

When in the 1980s if you sync your mouth to Dick Cavett's voice for an HBO promo, you've literally cemented yourself as a 1980s icon. End of story.

When Sandy changed, so does Olivia. She went from country pop to just pure pop appropriate to the 1980s.

7 Micky Dolenz

"POOL IT! ". End of discussion.

The Monkees re-ran in the 1980s, and began to be appreciated. So they formed without Mike Nesmith and then "Pool It" became a legendary reunion album every pop band loves.

8 Cher

Hurrah! Cher, the Grand Empress of Pop has revitalized herself with "If I Could Turn Back Time". Sweet.

She ended up racking lots of sales when she put out "If I Could Turn Back Time". The 1990s would prove to be profitable as the years progress with her with some new technology.

9 Steve Winwood

To paraphrase his music: "VALERIE! CALL ME! "

To paraphrase his song: "VALERIE! CALL ME!"

10 Nana Mouskouri

That explains a lot about her humongous record sales...

That explains a lot about her humongous record sales.