Top 10 Gumball Songs

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The Top Ten

1 Life Ain't Perfect

This Song Is Super Catchy And Emotional, Why Do People Chose ''Nobody's A Nobody'' Over This Masterpiece?!

2 Take My Advice

A Great Song From A Great Episode. The Lyrics Are Superb As Well

3 A Music Video

Such A Hilarious Song, And It's Also A Great Joke About Most Music Videos

4 My Lonely Backside And I

A Really Unique And Weird Song. It's Also Pretty Funny As Well

5 No More Gi

This Really Puts Emotion Into The Episode, Not To Mention The Amazing Tempo

6 Employee of the Month

I'm employee of the month
That's a fact, fools
Made money and adhered to my job's rules
Climbed the ladder, did my work, and kept my desk neat
Haters choking on my well-planned spreadsheets
No vacations and I never took a sick day
If you blink, you'll miss what goes into my in tray
Took the health and safety training, didn't have to
Lift the box with my back straight, like you're supposed to
I put Jim from accounts in the corner like a baby
Carol from HR straight trippin', she can take me
Employee of the month, so check my white collar
Got a pay rise, fool
Three cents on the dollar. Awesome Just Awesome

7 You Gotta Think Big

Pretty Catchy

8 Goodbye

An Awesome Song From A Good But Not Great Episode.

9 What Is Love

Such A Sweet Song

10 Nobody's a Nobody

The Song Can Get Annoying Most Of The Time But It's Alright