Best Uber Clone for X Scripts in the Market

Since there are so many ready-made Uber clone for X scripts available in the market, we did an extensive research to find the best providers to choose for your new business ventures. Here are some of the top-selling Uber clone scripts and taxi booking dispatching software in the market.
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The Top Ten

1 SpotnRides

Good Quality with reasonable price. They have the good team they understand the job and what to be done sometime they offer a good suggestion to the customer. Yes, I would like to hire them again. Mr. Abdul Hameed, Zenj Taxi - uplogictech

Just one word to sum it up all - AWESOME! Very prompt and professional. Completed the job before time and very clear communication. It was an enjoyable experience to work with this team. Although the job amount is low and even then they gave the highest attention really shows the care they give for the customer relationship and satisfaction. I have already lined up another project for these guys. Way to go! Keep up the good work and looking forward to see the same level of commitment throughout. James, Australia.

2 AppDupe
3 EQ Taxi Solutions
4 Arigya’s Taxi Pickr
5 Taxi Hawk
6 Zoplay’s Uber for X
7 App Jasmine’s Uber for Taxi
8 Taxi Anytime
9 Cogzidel’s Uber for X Solutions
10 Mobisoftinfotech