Top Ten Reasons Super Mario Party Has Me HYPED!

Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch is coming on October 5th, 2018, and boy am I HYPED! This game was said to be "a complete refresh of the series," and after Mario Party 9 and 10, us fans could not be more relieved. These are the Top Ten Reasons Super Mario Party Has Me HYPED!
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The Top Ten

1 The Classic Format

Mario Party 9 and 10 had this mechanic where all 4 players travelled together in a vehicle, collecting Mini Stars and Ztars, and they also had Minigame spaces where you had to land on one in order to play a minigame. Thankfully, the car is gone, and the Mini Stars and Ztars are too! Now, we get coins and stars again! What a relief. - Abstort

The classic formula was already in Star Rush and it's the same formula here so I don't see the hype - darthvadern

2 The Roster

Super Mario Party has 20 playable characters, including newcomers Pom Pom, Goomba, and Monty Mole! This would be at #1, except there is no Birdo or Boom Boom (which makes no sense because Birdo was a classic until MP9, and Boom Boom is Pom Pom's partner and he came first. - Abstort

3 SO Many Minigames!

Super Mario Party has 80 4-Player minigames, and several 1v3s, 2v2s, and cooperative minigames. This brings the minigame count up to (and possibly over) 100! WOW! - Abstort

There are so many mini games! And all of them look fun too! - Alapisboy

4 River Survival

One of the new modes in Super Mario Party is River Survival, a 4 player cooperative mode where the players row a boat along a 5km river in the time limit. You can hit balloons to play cooperative minigames to earn more time. There are currently 2 videos showcasing the mode. - Abstort

5 Online Minigames

A NEW feature coming to Super Mario Party is the online minigames. The online mode will most likely not support board games, but it's still nice of Nintendo to listen to their fans! - Abstort

6 Character-Specific Dice Blocks

Each character has their own dice blocks that come with different strategies. For example, Bowser's dice block is -3 coins, -3 coins, 1, 8, 9, and 10. This lets players try out new characters to see which dice blocks suit them the best, rather than sticking with the same character every time. - Abstort

7 Toad's Rec Room

Another new mode involving two Nintendo Switches is the Toad's Rec Room, with games that utilize two Switches in a really cool, unique way! Check it out on YouTube! - Abstort

8 Non-Linear Boards

(I don't know what the opposite of linear is if there is one lmao) Unlike MP9 and MP10's boards, the boards from SMP aren't set up like Mario Kart race tracks. Instead, you can follow multiple different paths! Perhaps you may end up devastatingly far from that star, but then a new one pops up just near you! How cool! - Abstort

9 HD Rumble

The only things that utilize the Switch's HD Rumble in this game so far are the minigames "Rattle and Hmm" and "Sizzling Stakes." Both games are very cool, so check them out! - Abstort

10 The Graphics

MP10 had really good graphics, but that's nothing compared to Super Mario Party. The board "Whomp's Domino Fortress has such amazing graphics. The whole game is just SO SEXY. Honestly, I can't wait to get my hands on this! Too bad I have to wait until Christmas... - Abstort