Top Ten Questions To Ask Marvel Fans

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1 Who is your favourite character?

I'm not quite sure. Captain America and Bucky I guess. - Misfire

Iron Man - ElSherlock

Captain America, Thor, and Black Panther - HoldenFanatic

Wolverine, the most tragic - TriggerTrashKid

2 Who do you think will die for sure in Avengers 4?

Captain America and Iron Man - ElSherlock

Iron Man and Captain America, sadly... - Misfire

Cap or BW or Irony or Thor - TriggerTrashKid

Hawkeye and Hulk - iliekpiez

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3 Who is your favourite villain?

Venom - ElSherlock

Loki. - Misfire

Mysterio - HoldenFanatic

Doctor Octopus. - MrCoolC

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4 Do you think Loki is actually alive?

As much as I want to believe that he's actually alive, I really think he isn't. "No resurrections." - Misfire

No resurrections. - TriggerTrashKid

5 What is your favourite MCU movie?

Ragnarok - BlazingParasol

The Avengers - ElSherlock

Infinity War - TriggerTrashKid

Avengers: Infinity War - iliekpiez

6 Have you read the comics?

A few parts of them... - Misfire

Nah - TriggerTrashKid

Kind of, didn't really finish it. - MrCoolC

Nope but am planning to - iliekpiez

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7 What is your opinion on Thanos memes?

Depends. Thanos car is pretty bad. - RadioHead03

They suck - ElSherlock

I hate em - TriggerTrashKid

I liked it back then, but the new Thanos Car meme is just bland. - MrCoolC

8 Do you think Deadpool and Xmen should join the MCU?

Probably, as Disney brought Fox. - MrCoolC

Definitely not - iliekpiez

No DP only X-Men - TriggerTrashKid

9 What do you think will happen in Avengers 4?

The superheroes will win but then one or two of them dies. - Misfire

Wait and watch - TriggerTrashKid

Iron Man and Thanos may have a final battle. - MrCoolC

Thanos will lose - iliekpiez

10 Who is your favorite Marvel actor/actress

Actor: Chris Pratt
Actress: Hayley Atwell - BlazingParasol

Scarlett Johansson - ElSherlock

Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman - TriggerTrashKid

In the MCU: Robert Downey Jr
Otherwise, Ryan Reynolds - iliekpiez