Top 10 Scooby Doo Movies

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The Top Ten

1 Zombie Island

Nostalgic,Scary,Epic! - sports1087

2 Goblin King

If your a Shaggy or Scooby fan this movie is for you. It is all about these two, plus the rest of the gang has awesome transformations! - sports1087

3 Reluctant werewolf

It's old... but who cares - sports1087

4 Cyber Chase

Probably the most entertaining and clever Scooby Doo movie - sports1087

5 Scooby Doo aliens

Love story anyone? - sports1087

6 The Witches Gohst

Stale plot but cool villain, final battle, and the HEX girls - sports1087

7 Samurai Sword

Epic Sword fight - sports1087

8 Pirates Ahoy

Swashbuckling adventure - sports1087

9 Aloha Scooby Doo
10 Boo brothers