Top 10 Reasons Why Serena from the Pokemon Anime Should Never Return

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The Top Ten Reasons Why Serena from the Pokemon Anime Should Never Return

1 Serena's voice actresses would be harassed by Serena and Amourshipping haters

Yeah, I'm gonna be real here, as much as people would like her to come back, it would only lead to all of Serena's voice actresses being harassed by Serena/AmourShipping's haters until they either leave the internet or commit suicide. I have witnessed these kinds of harassment many times, so please trust me on this.

2 Dropping everything such as your goals for a guy is a bad message to young girls
3 She can't be infatuated with a guy who won't love her back forever
4 If she neglects her goal, she is proving to her mom that she can't commit to anything
5 Serena has the right to her own direction.
6 She is only valued for shipping and that's a bad existence for Serena
7 She wants to improve her performances and her overall goal
8 Wanting her to stay because she has a crush on Ash and for amourshipping is petty
9 There is absolutely no reason to stop giving new female leads solely because of Serena's infatuation with Ash
10 It's a tradition to have newer friends and companions for Ash for every region