Reasons Why Social Justice Warriors Suck

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1 If a fictional character isn't black, gay, fat, or female; they will get mad and call writers " racist! ", " misogynistic! ", " body-shaming! ", or " homophobic! " although that they're fictional
2 Another type of SJWs are the Soccer moms: They are moms who want their child to hate LGBT, rock-and-roll, violent video games, Non-Christian people and only watch Nick Jr
3 They bullied a Steven Universe fan -artist named Zamii because she draws skinny Rose Quartz and gets to the point she attemped suicide
4 Another incident is there's a special Snowflake offended to Bleedman's fan-art of characters just because they're wearing swimsuits
5 "The Safe House" is a fanboy-SJW group of The Loud House that ruined the life of an artist
6 They canĀ“t be happy for anything! For example: If your character is thin, then you're a "fatphobic" according to them
7 Unbelievably stupid protests: In Valencia (Spain) they harassed authority to make traffic lights look like women
8 They HATE EVERYONE! including the Straight people, Caucasians, Conservatives, Police officers, Christians but they clearly respect Black people, the LGBT community, Fat people and Muslims despite of their atrocities
9 Social media is with them. Mostly on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and sometimes on 4chan to attack the users (but they failed)
10 These people are hiding on their so-called " SAFE SPACES " Because they are offended by words or something that doesen't even relate or nothing to do on them

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11 They can't handle criticism and are crybabies, one of the examples are: when Hillary lost at the 2016 Presidential Elections and Donald Trump was elected, most of them cried like babies
12 Claims that they're modern Socialists and Commies by supporting the " Cultural Marxism " despite that they didn't know that Communism made a huge atrocities on innocent people since 1917 in Russia
13 They fully support ANTIFA terrorist group
14 Some of them are Ugly, disgusting and their hair is dyed with Hair color, as well as they're wearing ugly attire and eyeglass claiming that they're smarter than anyone else
15 They support HATE Speach and Political correctness
16 They are incredibly racist and sexist since in Bully Hunters they attended first female users, and not male users. Also, they are the ones behind anti-Latino racist jokes
17 Tells people to " Check your privilege ". But in reality they pay $400,000 per year TUITION at college!
18 Claims they're Progressive, but actually they're Regeressives!
19 The majority of them have double standards, search it on Google and you'll find the truth
20 They accuse other people for being SJWs even though they are the ones SJWs themselves
21 They put the sane members of the LGBTQ+ community to shame
22 They automatically praise anything that panders to them, no matter how good or bad it is
23 They also ruined the Video gaming industry
24 They often make false rape accusations out of other people
25 They gave Feminism a bad reputation and also a really bad name as well!