Top Ten Reasons Why FGTeeV Sucks

This channel is garbage and those who are now butthurt about this list you can't comment you immature FGTeeV fantards!
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The Top Ten

1 They cannot take criticism, as they frequently censor hate comments and comments that simply only criticize them. They even flagged a video that showed a cringe compilation of them. It is easily to say that this is one of the most immature channels on YT
2 Like many so-called "kids channels", the content of it is quite inappropriate for children
3 The channel is the perfect definition of cashing in on anything that is trending at the time, The only games they play are ones that are popular at the time or right now
4 Don't they also even know Bendy and the Ink Machine, Granny, Hello Neighbor, and Five Nights and Freddy's are not appropiate for younger kids, so why are they playing them on a channel aimed for younger audiences?
5 Very confusing thumbnails and video titles that are highly similar to toy channels with Spider-Man and Elsa
6 They have an awful fanbase which mainly consists of Kindergarten and Elementary School (Primary School) kids
7 A lot of clickbait and cringeworthy titles and thumbnails
8 The logo. It is nothing but a lazy Photoshop job with the family's avatars made in Mii Maker
9 The dad often forces his kids to wake up early in the night to play horror games. While this was meant as comedy, it's still child abuse
10 The dad made his friends dress up as killer clowns and frighten his own children

The Contenders

11 They own a now-dead Skylanders channel which was cringey as hell
12 They play games that are popular right now and if they aren't popular anymore, they don't play the games anymore
13 They play kids games, which isn't true.They play Bendy and the Ink Machine and Fortnite, despite those games being too violent for young gamers