EpicWingman's Top Ten Aggretsuko Characters

Warning: May contain spoilers for Aggretsuko: Season 1.
These EXCLUDE the shorts and are viewed from the Netflix Original.
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The Top Ten

1 Haida (Aggretsuko) Haida (Aggretsuko)

He, along with Retsuko, is really the only character to have major development throughout the whole series. He has had me, many of times, scream at the screen. I also like how he cares about Retsuko. Unlike most English dub anime, he has a brilliant voice. What more can I say?

2 Gori (Aggretsuko) Gori (Aggretsuko)

You have to really watch the show to really understand her, and not just be a backseat watcher. She may seem like the typical background character, but with her partner Washimi, you see some kind of bond between the two characters, and they share that bond with Retsuko. In Episode 10, The Dream Ends, they made me smile and scream at the screen in joy. Not many characters do this. I like her about the same as Washimi, but I'd say Gori seems the type of character who you'd be able to open up to straight away, whereas with Washimi, it'd take a little while.

3 Washimi (Aggretsuko) Washimi (Aggretsuko)

Very similar to Gori, you'll have to watch the show to understand her. The duo have a very tough 'shell' to crack, but inside are kind, and willing to help Retsuko. She seems to be a little more stern then Gori, but she is no background character. The duo start really developing in Episode 4, Walking Down the Aisle. Like stated above, I slightly prefer Gori over Washimi, but that still doesn't mean I hate Washimi ;).

4 Fenneko (Aggretsuko) Fenneko (Aggretsuko)

Not much development throughout the series, but still my 4th favorite character. The laugh is a classic for me. Hahaaahaha...

5 Retsuko (Aggretsuko) Retsuko (Aggretsuko)

Unlike how I feel about most main characters, I actually like Retsuko. She is a likeable character, with a very simplistic life - or so it may seem. She 'has a secret in her purse'. That's all I'm going to say.

6 Ton (Aggretsuko) Ton (Aggretsuko)

Despite him being 'the bad guy' of the series, I actually really enjoy it when he's in the episode. Tea, TEA, TEA! Not the typical type of character that people would like, but I just kind his character amusing.

7 Yoga Instructor (Aggretsuko)


8 Resasuke (Aggretsuko) Resasuke (Aggretsuko)
9 Komiya (Aggretsuko) Komiya (Aggretsuko)
10 Tsunoda (Aggretsuko) Tsunoda (Aggretsuko)