Why The Dark Side of The Furry Community Sucks

Look furries aren't bad people but this list is about the darkside of the community not the entire community, but sorry you can't vote because you din't even read the description!
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Some of them are highly into pedophilia
2 Another Furry went as far to kill 3 people
3 Some of them can be pretty racist, such as the Nazi Furries or "Alt-furries"
4 In addition to pedophilia, some who are into furries are also deeply into bestiality
5 One such instance of a furry animals behavior going to far was literally biting a child and getting suspended without pay from work
6 Some of them create pretty disturbing and disgusting fan art. But you know you secretly love it
7 They often take every single thing seriously
8 They have posted their sexual fantasies online in social media and they have also uploaded disturbing pornographic pictures of themselves online as well
9 They will attack anyone who criticizes the culture
10 Alcohol and drug abuse is quite common in the community, such as when they sabotaged the fire alarm system at Rainfurest to hotbox in their rooms. This led to the local fire department being called

The Contenders

11 They gave many series with humanoid animal characters a bad name
12 RainFurrest. Hosting a unorthodox convention like this at your hotel is like unleashing a horde of literal wild animals. From dealing and abusing drugs, to inappropriate sex and vandalism such as taking off the fire alarms, to even defecating in the pool
13 he "All the Single Furries!" song is overused and is on its way to becoming a dead meme, even within the community
14 They claim that the amount of perverts in the fandom is 1%, when in reality it's approximately 60-96%
15 They somehow manage to sabotage and pervert Tony The Tiger by sending very explicit sexual remarks on Twitter
16 They ruined somehow other animal-theme fandoms through their cursed images of their favorite fictional (anthro) animal characters like Sonic Fandom or Bronies
17 There's a small minority in the fandom of self-subscribed 'Furry lifestylers' or "Transfurries" that treat their hobby as a literal lifestyle or identity of their anthropomorphic animal versions so much
18 A vast majority of them were offended and forced CD Projekt Red to apologize to them for a "sexist" joke they made
19 A furry youtuber Kero the fox was caught raping his dog to death and wanting to have necrophiliac sex with a roadkilled animal. Which he video taped himself having sex with a road killed deer and smeared its blood on his legs
20 Furry roleplay forums are very explicit and very inappropriate by its nature