Why The Meme Community Sucks

The Meme Community used to be good, but as of 2014 to present, the community became toxic
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The Top Ten

1 They share the same problems with Cory's ironic fandom and the cartoon community
2 They call people offensive names such as "autistic", "cancer", or "retarded"
3 Like the cartoon community, they treat The Emoji Movie and Teen Titans Go! like they're the worst things ever to exist
4 Many awful reviews from not just Cory in the House, but to meme button apps
5 Many normies in the community, yet the people in this community call other people normies as well
6 They cannot stop hating on The Emoji Movie and Jake Paul to the fact that not only will they bash and attack on people who like these 2 things, but also spam hate comments onto almost every video V 4 Comments
7 They are responsible for taking away meanings for words such as "dank", " cringe ", and other words V 4 Comments
8 Don't you ever try to correct them. If you do, then they will immaturely bash on you, attack you, or encourage other users to witch-hunt on you V 4 Comments
9 hey use the "it's just a joke" excuse on offensive/edgy comments or memes they make as a way to hide their negative reputation V 4 Comments
10 The Burger King Foot Lettuce fandom worships the meme to death, disrespects opinions on it, and attacks anyone who hates it by labeling them as normies, when they are the normies for spamming the meme everywhere V 4 Comments

The Contenders

11 They are unaware of how bad they are
12 Some people keep using Dead and Outdated memes
13 Mcalel, John Tucker, and NicksOdyssey are examples of this :They constantly harrassed Alefikouhi with unfunny memes and played the joke card
14 They're very picky and hypocritical about the meme edits on YouTube, especially with smaller channels
15 A lot of new memes tend to die too quickly and some new memes tend to come out too quickly as a result. And some new memes that are coming out tend to be overused, normified, or just flat out dull or incredibly mediocre