Best Dream World Themes In Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

This list is only for songs that play exclusively (or near exclusively) in the dream world. For example, Never Let Up (boss battle theme) wouldn't belong here, since although it's played a few times in the dream world, it is mostly played in the real world.
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The Top Ten

1 Dreamy Castle Rendezvous

This is my favorite dream world track ever. Ironically however, it's not as good as Break at Pi'illo Castle in my opinion. still an amazing track. - Solacress

Aah, this is in my opinion, the best song in the entire game. Yes, better than Adventure's End, Final Antasma Battle and all those songs below, this is the big deal. This is alone a reason to get the game, and there's a lot of reasons to get this game. This song is so unique and great and I love it so much. And coming from someone who played this game as a teenager: nostalgia - darthvadern

2 The Final Antasma Battle

Not at first? well, I do absolutely love this song, with it's action-y beats and how well it fits, but I just prefer Pi'illo Castle's dream world theme. call mew weird. - Solacress

Maybe not top two worthy but definitely awesome - darthvadern

3 Victory in the Dream World

I know it has a confusing name, for this is actually the battle theme in the dream world. it's better than the normal battle theme in my opinion - Solacress

Very original tune - darthvadern

4 Dream's Forbidden Depths

Dream's deep. - Solacress

So chill and awesome... - darthvadern

5 Size Up Your Enemy

Big battle theme - Solacress

Very epic - darthvadern

6 Dreamy Somnom Labyrinth

This is the only dream world overworld theme that's better than it's real world counterpart in my opinion. Ironically, it's down at number 6. life's funny sometimes. - Solacress

One of my favourites - darthvadern

7 Rules On Dreamy Mountain

Love this one - darthvadern

8 Dreamy Driftwood Meeting

Catchy in my opinion - darthvadern

9 Dreamy Mushrise Winds

Least favourite to be honest - darthvadern

10 Glorious Pajamaja Dreams

Very scary, but also very good - darthvadern

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