Why JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fandom Sucks

Imagine seeing and hearing the same thing no matter where you go for years. You will get sick of it and you will start to associate the product with the annoyance you've felt at seeing it shoved in your face constantly
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The Top Ten

1 They think the manga is the only valid way to enjoy the story of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, when the anime is a very faithful adaptation
2 In addition, there are people who love to spoil the story as much as they can just because every part of the story before Part 6 was released at least a decade before the anime adaptations, even though said adaptations are why the series is popular today
3 Dub haters criticize the English dub's use of intentionally bad accents, but praise the original Japanese version's use of broken English, when both add to the comedy the anime is famous for
4 They overrate the series as the only good anime, when it would be easily forgotten as another generic sh┼Źnen had it not been for its humor. Not that we're saying it would be genuinely bad about it, just nowhere as popular or as memorable
5 They even act superior towards other anime fans if they dare so much as talk about another anime. They insult any anime that is not JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, especially Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul, and My Hero Academia
6 The worst part of this fandom is how they constantly spam memes originating from this anime, turning away any potential fans because of the memes' annoyance
7 They killed both the anime and meme communities, big time
8 They share some issues with the Rick and Morty Fandom
9 Nobody admits that this fandom is toxic! The fandom itself is unaware of how bad they are
10 They spam so-called "JoJokes" on SiIvaGunner's comment sections