Why Luigi Fandom Is Toxic

While Luigi is a good character, he has gained an incredibly toxic fandom
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The Top Ten

1 They worship Luigi like he's Jesus Christ, or some sort of religious figure
2 They bash on Mario way too much for stupid reasons, labeling him as the worst character, which is not true
3 The fandom is a part of the already toxic Mario Hatedom
4 The fandom is also a part of The Game Theorists Fandom
5 Don't you dare say you prefer Mario over Luigi, or else they will bash at you
6 The fandom asks why Luigi doesn't get all the games. It's called Super Mario for a reason. That being said Luigi has had his own games too
7 The fandom overreacted to Hotdiggedydemon's video "Luigi's Day Out" which is a parody of Mario. The comment section is filled with Luigi fanboys bashing Mario
8 They did the same thing with Dorkly's video "Luigi Finally Snaps" and the comment section is littered with Luigi fanboys bashing Mario, yet again
9 The fandom wishes Mario never existed. If Mario wasn't created, Luigi wouldn't have been either
10 The fandom even threatens to kill Mario

The Contenders

11 The fandom disrespects opinions on certain characters, especially Mario and Waluigi
12 The fandom hates anyone who prefers Mario over Luigi
13 The fandom says Luigi gets no attention and doesn't get his own games, even though he had his own games too, such as Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Dr. Luigi, New Super Luigi U, etc
14 In any Mario parody video, Luigi fanboys constantly bash Mario, when the Mario in the video isn't the real Mario
15 An example of a Luigi fanboy is Danteem from TheTopTens. He would constantly bash Mario and fans over Luigi
16 Many of them make R34 and porn art out of Luigi and Daisy
17 They also create shipping wars on Luigi with Mario, Princess Peach, Rosalina and Princess Daisy