Why PewDiePie Hatedom Sucks

PewDiePie may be crazy and loud but that doesn't mean you should waste your life bashing him constantly
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The Top Ten

1 They take his actions WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, it's fine to hate PewDiePie and their reasons are usually accurate. Unfortunately, they made some many bad things about him
2 They share the same issues with TheTopTens fandom
3 They will attack EVERYONE who likes PewDiePie and calling PewDiePie fans as "Brof**" or "Brotism". Which is downright insulting to autistic people and other people who have some mental problems
4 The idiots from TheTopTens place PewDiePie in " Top Ten Worst YouTubers " as number 1 list, among the likes of actual terrible YouTubers like Onision, LeafyisHere and Logan Paul
5 When PewDiePie releases a new video on YouTube, they often bomb it with dislikes
6 They hate him. Because he's responsible for ruining YouTube. It's not his fault for ruining YouTube. The real reason what ruined YouTube, his fanbase are full of idiots that caused PewDiePie to be a big YouTuber, Clickbait thumbnails and others
7 They also hate him, because he destroyed the entire meme community. It's not his fault for destroying a meme community
8 Some of haters are part of SJWs
9 They also hate him because he ruined a old YouTubers career that causing old YouTubers to quit internet for good. However, which is false.The real reason why classic YouTubers quitting internet because they have some issues about their families, jobs,etc
10 Sometimes, they want to go Sweden to kill him because he destroyed YouTube's reputation. Which is very illegal and will get them arrested and locked up in jail for life, and they can even be put on death row