Martin Canine's Most Listened To Songs of This Week (October 22nd to 28rd, 2018) According To His Smartphone

Yes, this time it arrives in time, on monday right after the week's over.

So, here we go!
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 In My Mind - Dynoro & Gigi D'Agostino

As of today, this is the most successful number one single of 2018 in both Germany and Austria.

At first, I didn't quite get the appeal. It's just a house beat with a high pitched chorus looping all over. After a few more thousand listens it kind of doomed to me that it is somewhat addictive.

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2 0815 - Kollegah & Farid Bang 0815 - Kollegah & Farid Bang

...and it's indexed. But guess what? I still got the CD. Bite me.

3 Wish You Were Here - Rednex

Hooray, it's back in my personal listening charts! Everybody go crazy!

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4 Schrei nach Liebe - Die Ärzte

Do I even need to comment on this song any more? Masterpiece, great message, 11 out of 5, next!

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5 True Identity - Pepper Coyote

I still regret it was only an honorable mention in my best of 2017 list. I mean: listen to it, that's some fine pop rock!

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6 Formation - Beyoncé

Yes, she doesn't sing on it, but raps instead, but still, this bangs!

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7 God's Plan - Drake

...and this looks like it's going to be the biggest nunber one hit in many, many other countries. I feel like Drake has improved since his last record.

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8 Sie verdienen einen besonderen Schutz - Xavier Naidoo

I know. I really know. A conscious song about such a serious and dark crime shouldn't be listened to as casually and excessively, it should be valued and carefully experienced, its message should be talked about. But what can I do when it's musically so infectious?

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9 Schellen - Audio88 & Yassin

An anthem against all stupidity, may it be racism, sexism or homophobia.

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10 The Ballad of John and Yoko - The Beatles

Fun fact: this song is neither a ballad nor does it actually feature Yoko Ono, but Paul McCartney can be heard.

Speaking of the two: "Warzone" or "Egypt Station"?

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