Top 10 Video Game Products What We Need for the Angry Nerd to Do a Review for Future Episodes for the Angry Video Game Nerd

Some of them aren't bad. But, there are some good ones that he should do a review. This is a list that James Rolfe should do and have the Angry Nerd to be playing one of these in the list.
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The Top Ten

1 ATGames

Nearly a lot of them since people who has them mentioned that it the ATGames Products have problems and it did have very bad emulation for the Sega Products such as Sega Genesis Classic Game Console and Flashback HD had very troubling issues and plus, the Walmart Products for Namco Plug and Play imported the NES version of Pac-Man, but the box has the image of the Arcade version. - KingMarth64

Well at least of those the one in the picture was one I tried out, and having to be severely disappointed in it thanks to how you have to put in certain batteries is ridiculous for starters its always Double AA never another of that sort. - htoutlaws2012

2 Mighty No. 9
3 Star Wars Battlefront II
4 The Mysterious Murasame Castle

Not a bad game, it would help the Nerd play more hard NES games since it's a tougher The Legend of Zelda clone. - KingMarth64

5 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

He definitely needs to play the Reboot. - KingMarth64

6 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

James needs to play this Castlevania spiritual successor since Castlevania is one of his favorite game series. - KingMarth64

7 Star Wars Battlefront EA
8 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
9 Fire Emblem series
10 EarthBound Beginnings