Top 10 Longest Prison Sentences in the U.S.

This obviously is a list about the longest Prison sentences ever given in the US. (Not in any specific order) All of these people have done horrible and disgusting things. Please stay out of prison, I don't think that it's very fun there.
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The Top Ten

1 Dudley Wayne Kyzer

A murderer who was sentenced to two life terms plus 100 centuries. - SirSheep

Wow! That's impressive! - Metal_Treasure

I have a hard time believing some of these are real. Knowing how relatively easy it is to get off jail time here in the US, these are some really terrible people... - Gg2000

100 times 100 equals 10 000. That would be the longest thing to deal with - BorisRule

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2 James Holmes

He was convicted of killing 12 people and injuring 70. He was sentenced to 12 life sentences plus an additional 3,318 years. - SirSheep

3 Ariel Castro

Sentenced to 1000 years in prison - SirSheep

4 Darrell Wayne Delp

Sentenced to 775 years - SirSheep

5 Bobbie Joe Long

825 years - SirSheep

6 Sholam Weiss

Stole 450 million dollars. Now he's sentenced to 845 years - SirSheep

7 David Hall

825 years - SirSheep

8 Allan Wayne McLaurin

He was sentenced to a short 21,250 years. Is it just me, or is there starting to become a theme with the name Wayne? Are they all distantly related to Batman? - SirSheep

What on earth did he do? - PackFan2005

9 Charles Scott Robinson

30,000 years - SirSheep

What even... how does this even happen? - PackFan2005

10 Juan Corona Juan Corona

25 life sentences - SirSheep