Top Ten Superpowers I Wish I Had Right Now

One day, I was just on this site, looking at random lists. I then came across a list called "Top 10 Most Wanted Superpowers," and I then decided to make my own list about the top superpowers I desire the most. Why not just a remix? Because I simply didn't want to.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Mind Control

I can manipulate people's minds for them to do what I want them to do.
Someone being a bully at school? I can make him/her stop immediately and make him/her apologize to anyone he/she had bullied.
My brothers being annoying? I can make them leave me alone.
Schools have terrible rules? I can indirectly change the rules by controlling whoever is in charge for those rules.
Or I can just have literally have everyone love me and do my bidding and help me take over the world!

2 Time Manipulation/Time Travel

This is especially helpful for when I either made a mistake in the past, when something/someone is taking too long, or I'm just curious about life in the far future or far past. Or maybe I want to stop time to secretly do something.

3 Creation

Just the thought of creating something out of nowhere is so amazingly cool to me.

4 Destruction

I can destroy anything I want. Just think about it:
Terrorists? BOOM! Gone.
Extreme feminists? BOOM! Gone.
A meteor heading towards Earth that can possibly destroy the planet? BOOM! Gone.

5 Shapeshift

I can shapeshift into anything!

6 Weather Manipulation

I can have the weather I want to have.

7 Super Intelligence

I can easily help students if they are struggling with any school subject. Or, better, I can end up creating the most high-tech products that don't malfunction at all. Or, even better, I can take over the world!

8 Teleportation

I won't have to worry about being late ever again if I have this superpower.

9 Telekinesis

I can move anything without actually touching them.

10 Super Strength

Just in case if some dude decides to fight me for some reason.