My Top 10 Nintendo Franchises

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The Top Ten My Nintendo Franchises

1 Kirby franchise

I don't know why but I always have a good time with Kirby. Even when I'm stuck I do not get frustrated. I don't know what spell is on this game that you can't lose your smile while playing it but it works

2 Super Smash Bros

I love super smash brothers and it's whole idea in general. I enjoy these games a lot

3 The Legend of Zelda

TLoZ is just a franchise with one masterpiece after another and deserves to be the fan favourite

4 Pokemon

Who didn't grew up playing Pokemon? Everyone knows the concept of Pokemon and everyone enjoys beeing a Pokemon trainer. A top 10 nintendo list without Pokemon is not possible

5 Mario Party

I actually enjoy the mario party franchise a lot and just love playing those games with a bunch of people

6 Mario Kart 8

Racing with your favourite mario characters. This already sounds like a lot of fun

7 Luigi's Mansion

Beeing a Ghostbuster with the better brother. If possible also playing the Ghostbuster music in the backround. It's just pure awesome

8 Metroid

Beeing a badass bounty hunter woman in Space and shooting Space Pirates that kinda look like Dragons. What doesn't sound awesome

9 Fire Emblem

Medieval themed games are awesome on its own

10 Nintendogs

Nintendo knows: Cute Dogs = Money