Top Ten Songs Between January 1st 2018 - May 21st 2018

This is my top ten fave song that came out between January 2018- May 21st 2018. This is based off my personal opinion and also ordered from my iTunes library. Vote and comment on the options. Just remember the rule is only one song per/ band/artist.
The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

The Top Ten

1 MONSTERS - Shinedown

These Monsters are REAL! I really dig this Shinedown song. It's great sounding and one you wanna turn up the volume too. I enjoy most of the recent album the others I like are Creatures, special and Devil. but I like other songs too. This is one of my top 10 fave bands ever so this is another good song! - Curti2594

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2 Infra-Red - Three Days Grace

If I did this originally I might have chosen The Mountain instead because it's so good. but over time I learned to like Infra-Red more because it's just awesome and got a great sound to it. Their recent albums is sick with other songs like Right left Wrong, Strange Days and Nothing to lose but you, The Mountain too and this song is no exception. you gotta bob your head and rock out to this one! - Curti2594

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3 Psycho - Breaking Benjamin

That opening part just build up into awesomeness and that chorus is awesome in my mind! Breaking Benjamin is back with there 2nd album since reuniting and it's a good album too. I also enjoy Torn in two, Blood, Feed the Wolf and Red Cold River. Psycho is awesome! - Curti2594

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4 Coming Home - Keith Urban

I finally got to see Keith live in Concert in Edmonton recently and wow was he great live and pretty funny too. Either way Coming Home I already liked when it came out but then as his concert was nearing I got into it even more and now it's still my fave song from the album. Which it's done very well with other songs I like such as Parallel Line, Horses and Never Coming Down. Coming Home is a nice and song with emotion too. - Curti2594

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5 The Last of the Real Ones - Fall Out Boy

This is a really good song with a killer chorus too! easily my fave song from their latest album. though I like Hold Me Tight and Champion too. - Curti2594

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6 Colors - Jason Derulo

Well this song is quiet catchy and cool. But I really loved it when it was one of the theme songs of the Fifa World Cup in Fifa 18 and on T.V. too. The World Cup was Crazy too I love it! - Curti2594

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7 Attention - Charlie Puth

This guy has a amazing voice and range which I respect a ton. and this song is a good one too! I also like How long too. - Curti2594

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8 The Champion - Carrie Underwood

This combo is ridiculous but good! The Country Queen Carrie and the Fast and Furious rapper Ludacris in a song together! Like this was one of the most unexpected partnerships on a song in recent time. It's a solid pump up song for sure! - Curti2594

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9 People's Champ - Arkells

Thxs to NHL 19 this song has become one of my favorites form 2018 period it's such a cool song with a great beat! I also can't help but think of WWE The Rock when thinking of the title of this song as The Peoples Champ was one fo his Nicknames. - Curti2594

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10 One Kiss - Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa

What! I genuinely thought this came out in the summer.. mainly cause it was one of the songs of the summer but I guess it was released before may 21st. It's actually quite the jamming catchy summer tune. The chorus/ melody was in my head every once in a while for sure. - Curti2594

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