Top Ten Songs Between May 22nd 2018 - December 1st 2018

This is my top ten fave song that came out between May 22nd 2018 - December 1st 2018. This is based off my personal opinion and also ordered from my iTunes library. Vote and comment on the options. Just remember the rule is only one song per/ band/artist.
The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

The Top Ten

1 Deep End - Daughtry

This Is a lovely song by one of my all time fave singers/ bands Daughtry. I'm so glad the newest album is a good one and Deep End is amazing meaning and a great song! I like pretty much every song from the Album too. Including Backbone, Stuff of legends, White Flag, As You are and Death of Me.
Deep End was so good that I didn't even realize how much I was listening to in in the summer until I saw the amount fo plays I gave it in such a short amount fo time. - Curti2594

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2 High Hopes - Panic! At the Disco

And we Got High High Hopes! I never really thought much of Panic! at the Disco but there was a lot of hype from this album and first I heard Say Amen (Saturday Night) at the NHL 2018 awards and I liked it and then I heard High Hopes and Man it has become on of the best songs of 2018 period. It's a loud and good song and it's given me more reason to pay attention to this band! - Curti2594

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3 Sober - Demi Lovato

This was very surprising to say the least with everything that's gone on with Demi Lovato involving this song and her personal life. When this song originally came out it felt separate and out of place because of the timing of the songs release. it had a dark inner feelings kind of undertone with almost a SOS message. I just thought it was a song with pro emotion which turned into man amazing song that pulls the emotions card out. But then when the news came out that she was going thru a real struggle and stuff it made this song that much more unique and more understandable. I really Hope Demi Gets better because I still look at her as an inspiration. - Curti2594

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4 Love Wins - Carrie Underwood

This is a beautiful song with great lyrics and a nice message behind it too. I Love Carrie and her music so this is a good song for me too. She's dealt with a lot of crazy things involving her family dealing with a miscarriage and other stuff. So it's cool that she is still so positive and sweet. LOVE Wins! - Curti2594

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5 Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) - Maroon 5

This is a heck of a killer/popular song and a cool music video too with all the cameos! Cardi B gives an awesome part too. But Maroon 5 is super awesome and they keep putting out good music and songs! - Curti2594

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6 Over Again - Mike Shinoda

This was unexpected to see but also an amazing step in the movement from LP since the passing of Chester... Mike has seeped out on his own in which he's done in the past and that's good to see Mike is still creating magic with his sense of music! Over Again is my fave song from the album along with Watching as I Fall, Crossing a Line and Ghosts. This Album is packed with heart and emotion. And Over Again is very fitting for some of the emotions Mike and LP went thru after Chesters passing. - Curti2594

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7 Connection - OneRepublic

This song has such a catchy opening and chorus to it. I still enjoy this group! - Curti2594

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8 Youngblood - 5 Seconds of Summer

Never Thought I would be a fan of this group but this song is a good one! - Curti2594

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9 Head Above Water - Avril Lavigne

I'm so glad to see Avril still putting out good music and this one I tell you is kinda emotional song. Her voice is still amazing though! - Curti2594

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10 no tears left to cry - Ariana Grande

I Gotta Say She's got a crazy good voice and she has put out song songs that I defiantly enjoy and I love this one for sure. also it's special because the song supposedly represented what happened in Paris a few years ago when she was there... which is very sad but also makes this song very unique too. - Curti2594

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