Mobile App Development Companies Among Top 10 In 2018

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The Top Ten

Xicom Technologies Ltd. is one of the best mobile app development companies with 350+ developers forming the backbone of Xicom. Expert developers at Xicom knows it well how to create apps and websites which are made according to the requirements of the clients and that too at the most affordable prices ever. A wide range of services include iOS app development, Android app development, website development. The client range of Xicom Technologies Ltd, include clientele from across the world. 100% money back guarantee with client satisfaction is the vision behind the developers of Xicom Technologies Ltd in USA.

Raizlabs is a Rightpoint company which designs and builds high-quality world-class iOS, Android, and Web apps for startups and big brands like Six Flags. Rightpoint does its best by bringing together a kind of customer experience that is beyond comparison. The exceptional talent that the Raizlabs has makes sure that they create exactly what clients expect from them.

Exygy is an expert, fast, thorough and professional company with all the services that a client would love to invest in. Exygy boasts of having a team of talented developers, as well as they are fabulous designers with all the necessary qualifications needed to design and develop an app. They take the time to get it right the first time. Discovery, design, build and iterate are their mottos.

Appsted's services have always received a reputation as it has always met expected quality standards as well as deadlines. Appsted offers 100% effective, scalable, and powerful mobile app solutions to the worldwide clients. Appsted is a leading mobile application development company that focuses on combining the best frameworks with creativity and experience. No doubt that there are many challenges that one has to face while developing mobile apps. But the expert Appsted developers create cost-effective applications and provide a solid foundation.

Tenddo is a frontrunner web design & mobile agency based in San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta. For nearly ten years, Tenddo has helped the businesses to create advanced apps through excellent expertise in creating apps through brand strategy, web design, mobile, e-commerce, SEO and customized development.

Product Strategy: The goal-oriented Yeti developers define a vision that is able to and a plan to get the clients to their goals very easily.
Design: Problem solving is an art that the app developers at Yeti understand very beautifully.
Development: Ranging from front-end to back-end and everything in between, the agile team at Yeti brings thoughtful ideas to apps.

Matellio is a top-notch web development company with expert developers and designers to design and develop apps that never compromise with the Web, Mobile and embedded software needs of the clients. What the developers at Matellio possess is quite thriving as they come up with expert skills, robust processes as well as the flexibility to develop top quality solutions.

Spiral Scout offers state-of-the-art technical capabilities for customers of all ranges starting with the start-up Fortune 500 companies that need technology and design support for business-to-business software development. This company believes that software development should solve problems and not create new ones. Beautiful design and well-written code can bring more users, increase sales and grow business. The profit of an average website has increased by 350%, and some apps are used by millions of users every day.

Intellectsoft IoT Lab builds a business-based market to track and optimize business and improve user experience. Get a competitive vision by looking at real-time large data streams from all devices and displaying them with smart dashboards. Intellectsoft IoT Lab engineers can help design, build, and manage a scalable and secure enterprise IoT ecosystem, regardless of hardware and software level.

Arctouch is the most reliable application design and development company.
They design and develop applications for iOS, Android, Xamarin and design robots on interactive platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger. They also support sophisticated companies with intelligent products for BlockChain technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality solutions.