Ht's NFL Power Rankings: Week XIV

With three-fourths of the season officially over what teams made a dramatically change in over a week the strongest, and the hardest falls in the power rankings margin. The arrows even with the confusing layout indicates that yes the corresponding teams move up as seen, or move down, but in the opposite order due to the fact people read the top but never the bottom tier teams.

#32 Oakland Raiders -- (2-10): A fighting effort against a division rival that ends up in same old fashion like the season has shown you once more, and forevermore.

#31 San Francisco 49ers ↓ 2 (2-10): Had nothing going to stop Seattle, and while Mullens tried far better here than he did last week maybe it is possible John Lynch is the new Matt Millen in terms of bad selections to come seeing his 2017 class looks like mostly a bust up the only good one to come out of it was Greg Kittle I mean other than that this doesn't look good.

#30 New York Jets ↑ 1 (3-9): Epic 2nd half collapse by this terrible Jets team that led 16-6 only to give up 20 why not be like the Packers and answer the fans wish this Christmas by firing Todd Bowles early?

#29 Arizona Cardinals ↑ 1 (3-9): Even though they are winners they surely didn't play like one just base don there stats ugly win thanks to terrible coaching once again by Mike McCarthy. I mean yeah Chase Edmonds got the two big touchdowns and all, but that's backup getting them in so what's wrong with David Johnson exactly?

#28 Green Bay Packers ↓ 6 (4-7-1): Well dropping hard reasonably so the season is over, and honestly they look much worse than Lions like I said weeks ago look who they beat, and look who they lost to makes a whole lot of sense now doesn't it. Many of their losses came from not always the player, but personnel moves, an that falls on Mike McCarthy indefinitely and deservedly so gets fired not making him finish the last four games of the season.

#27 Atlanta Falcons ↓ 6 (4-8): Let's see you can't run the football, and you had problems stopping the run of Baltimore by your own defense the irony of it all. Most likely have no shot to host at your own super bowl of any kind I mean last place is somewhat surprising, but this repeat offense would not surprise me in what looks to be an ugly contest next week.

#26 Detroit Lions ↓ 1 (4-8): Despite their efforts there just not that good on a consistent basics, and the players need a leader, and I already bought into it right when they gave Stafford the deal of all now looking to laughable status in which he is now. Now is it possible for this team to win some of these upcoming games and anger the fans by getting out of the top 10 in the draft?

#25 Jacksonville Jaguars ↑ 2 (4-8): You managed to shut down the Colts offense and perhaps eliminated them from possibly making the playoffs well that's one way to spoil somebody's season by taking revenge in your hands. Yet the question will point if the player was out of bounds or not regardless you won cherish what you have now knowing no touchdowns weren't necessarily on the board.

#24 Cincinnati Bengals ↓ 1 (5-7-1): For a team that had some turnarounds in the making ends up being more less the same story only who does Marvin Lewis escape the clutches this time around that's if he can. Highly doubt it though no A.J. Green nor Andy Dalton to bail you out this time.

#23 Buffalo Bills ↑ 1 (4-8): Buffalo can be difficult to figure out how they are, bu there playing much better now than how they started out so poorly. They were nearly a competed touchdown pass from beating Miami Josh Allen tried with everything he had in the end his receiver let him down.

#22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers ↑ 4 (5-7): Well when the offense click Tampa Bay can be deadly, and that goes to show as once again Carolina can not stop opposing offenses. Even more so they used there #2 and 3 wide receivers just to beat em there's a glaring weakness in the secondary and its big to notice it now. Meanwhile how about that Andrew Adams why didn't we start him from the beginning he played great shut down football Bucs have struggled in stopping the pas all season, but this was a good sign to see for the future, but Koetter most likely will not stay nor will his quarterbacks.

#21 New York Giants ↑ 7 (4-8): The G-Man score big by beating Da Bears and survive to keep some hope left well seeing nobody from the NFC East has gotten to eight wins yet is it possible the Giants come from behind and shock people in win that division if you look at all of the games they played all the finishes as bad as they are that's pretty shocking to see this season.

#20 Cleveland Browns ↓ 1 (4-7-1): While there season is over they will likely play for upsets ans there was no stopping the Houston Texans and the roll they were on they made Mayfield look like a rookie than he did the two previous weeks where he slinged he couldn't do it early which led to there defeat.

#19 Carolina Panthers ↓ 6 (6-6): They shouldn't be this bad right? Well there playing the worst football thus far the second half dropping this far down maybe more justifiable if they choose to lose to the Browns who are no pushover by any means. Carolina's season might just be decided against the Saints they can't win at home at the very least i'm gonna call it and say they don't make it.

#18 Washington Redskins ↓ 1 (6-6): The more hurt they get on offense the more harder it gets for the defense to push as hard as they could. The offense now has aging Adrian Peterson, and a 3rd stringer at quarterback how more depressing does it get from him?

#17 Miami Dolphins ↑ 1 (6-6): In order for Adam Gase to have job security he must win out to have a shot in the playoffs, and honestly this is the one team i'm not totally impressed with really for a 6 win team odd to see them hang in there all season long.

#16 Philadelphia Eagles ↑ 4 (6-6): Aside from that bad throw to Josh Norman, the offense did its job out maneuvering the Redskins's secondary thanks to Zach Ertz being consistent all season long, and Golden Tate coming up huge in this game really helped a lot. Some of the mistake made here can't be overlooked, and the gap is only running out, and the next game could be their final resting place for the season.

#15 Tennessee Titans -- (6-6): You could see the Titans season slip away if the somehow fell to Jets sleeping on them would be the worst thing you could do. 2nd half adjustments favored Tennessee as the Jets self-destructed in the end, this win put the Titans in a 5 way battle for the final spot in the AFC.

#14 Indianapolis Colts -- (6-6): Totally didn't expect that kind of loss on the road to a team that had nothing to play for this late in the season. The winning streak dies, and Indy has its own sort of problems where they put no points at all shutdown even. This loss could very well hurt Colts' chances of making it in now there gonna need extra help. This is not good momentum with what looked to be for the win of the AFC South now more less favoring the red hot Texans.

#13 Minnesota Vikings ↓ 2 (6-5-1): Are the Minnesota Vikings a bit overrated? Why i'm saying that is the best win was what the Eagles right, and even there not the same team either. Here they are in a much needed game to stay in the wild card hunt, and they embarrass themselves again in the form of Patriots who have not lost at home yet. A Loss at Seattle could be the death blow to their season of getting back into the playoffs can't be inconsistent on offense.

#12 Denver Broncos ↑ 4 (6-6): The easily roll on the injured Bengals, and look to continue to push for the final playoff spot by winning out and pray the Ravens don't win out.

#11 Baltimore Ravens ↑ 1 (7-5): Despite the two recent losses by the Steelers Baltimore needs the wild card I don't see them winning the division due to what they have left. Facing the best of the conference in Chiefs, and your facing the team that game back against the rival of your same division in the Chargers can the defense shut those two down there in.

#10 Chicago Bears ↓ 2 (8-4): Literally one win away from putting away the NFC North, which they can still do seeing they still have a fairly easy run left with 2 of the four being winnable turn outs. Tough loss to take, but Tarik Cohen played his heart out in that heroic comeback attempt.

#9 Seattle Seahawks -- (7-5): The second most dangerous team to play right now in the NFC, you don't want to face Russell Wilson in late December that's when the team gets hot, and this team could either win out or get enough wins for the playoffs the momentum is with them at this rate.

#8 Dallas Cowboys ↑ 2 (7-5): The most dangerous team in the NFC, they upset the freaking Saints giving them their first loss since the opener. this defense is very aggressive that it could lead to shutting down elite defenses give credit also to Dak Prescott because he was sacked 7 times and still had a good game in terms of completion rate and avoid too many big mistakes lessened. These types of victories could mean danger for any top seed like the Saints.

#7 Pittsburgh Steelers ↓ 2 (7-4-1): Started out like the typical Steelers we knew, and somehow the defense forgot how to play and let Phillip Rivers have his big comeback moment leading with 3 big drives, and costly mistakes by the special teams more less Artie Burns. Even worse James Conner could be out for a little bit based on the look he had as he got injured with look like a bad hit to the ankle. If his out a great length of time how much does that impact the offense significantly that has to be pass heavy in order to win.

#6 Los Angles Chargers ↑ 1 (9-4): Well what looked like a primetime loss ended up to many a Chargers victory not many would of saw coming. No Melvin Gordon no problem let's have Justin Jackson run and confuse the defense, and speaking of which Chargers' defense tightened up there in the 2nd half only giving up a touchdown well done Gus Bradley you might be a terrible coach but your defense is starting show progressively well.

#5 Houston Texans ↑ 1 (9-3): For a team that started 0-3 and looked down and out went from really atrocious to a good football team all healthy and good to go make some noise in the playoffs. Now it comes do as can they quietly snatched up a bye if lucky?

#4 New England Patriots -- (9-3): Emperor Belichick has does it again, making Kirk Cousins comfortable in the pocket which led to a much needed victory to stay with the 2nd seed, and maybe even takeaway the 1st seed if Chefs struggle.

#3 Kansas City Chiefs -- (10-2): Its odd to say I lowered them but there defense gave up 33 to the freaking Raiders a team that had no business to even bother they should be worried about getting the 1st overall pick more than anything meanwhile what did we learn Kareem Hunt's a terrible lair, and in this game they run by committee this is not exactly gonna get you far if this is the result if i'm a Chiefs fan i'd be heavily concerned at the running game of this offense.

#2 New Orleans Saints ↓ 1 (10-2): Oh man does that loss sting the Saints hard Drew Brees gets intercepted with no chance of a comeback to happen? I'm surprised myself I fought if anything this would be the team to go far, but if Dallas gets a re-match against the Saints they could lose again.

#1 Los Angles Rams ↑ 1 (11-1): Well that wasn't easy, but thanks to Aaron Donald, and Todd Gurley the Rams secure a playoff spot, and perhaps the 1st seed in the NFC well done greatest show on turf 2.0 Hollywood loves what they see.