My Top 10 Japanese Songs of 2018

these are my top ten japanese songs of 2018. I feel like 2018 was not a very strong year for japanese music (Or at least my taste in japanese music. But I still got enough for a top 10 list so let's go)
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Nano - Gloria Nano - Gloria

Number 1 and a well deserved one is "Gloria". This song is so f-ing epic. Nano never disappoints me and this year she was clearly doing the best job for me since she is number 1 on this list.
Things I like about the song:
1. It is very Epic
2. The beginning where we just hear Nano singing with her beautiful voice with beautiful strings in the backround
3. The second verse which really stood out to me because it is fast sung: it is wild and crazy at first and makes you feel the lyrical I's desperation and then it continues but with very light instruments so that you only concentrate on Nano's beautiful voice
Nano really made some very musically attractive things in the composition of this song

2 GARNiDELiA - Error GARNiDELiA - Error

2nd place takes "Error". Sadly GARNiDELiA also had not many comebacks but they put out a song that became my favourite GARNiDELiA song.
Things I like about the song:
1. Mai Mizuhashi's very flexible voice. It's like you can give her voice every challenge
2. The chorus is very good
3. No GARNiDELiA song without Toku's signature sound

3 My First Story - WINNER My First Story - WINNER

3rd place goes to "Winner". My First Story is clearly a winner with this song. Awesome song. Only my second favourite of the album "SSS" but since "Reviver" was already released 2017 I can't include it in the list
Things I like about the song:
1. It has such a strong chorus
2. The bridge is slower and we can hear HIro's calm voice. I feel like melting away from his calm voice. I love it when he does this
3. The counting down from 10 to 1 in the beginning is very well made

4 Sky-Hi - Snatchaway

4th place goes again to a Sky-Hi song: This time "Snatchaway" which is a very fun song and makes me instantly happy. He did a really good job with the happy vibes on this song

5 Riri - That's My Baby

5th place goes to "That's my baby". Very fun song and I love listening to it.

6 Utada Hikaru - Anata

6th is "Anata". I love Utada Hikaru's smooth voice. She sings her way in my heart

7 Sky-Hi - Diver's High

7th is "Diver's high". Awesome song by rapper sky-hi. Really enjoy this song.

8 My First Story - ACCIDENT

8th place goes to "Accident". My first story is again showing their talent as musicians and made with Accident a good comeback

9 Nissy - Relax & Chill

Number 9 goes to "Relax & Chill". On number 9 because it is actually a very relaxing song

10 Spyair - I Wanna Be...

On number 10 we have "I wanna be". Spyair did not have that many songs this year sadly but at least they gave us I wanna be to enjoy