Brendan's Top 10 AOTY 2018

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The Top Ten

1 Refraction

Kinda hard not to put an album where I partly inspired the opening track high up on the list. Not to mention my excitement for the record upon hearing sneak peaks of it on Snapchat. This 8 track banger takes a different spin in the Phoenix band's 10 year career, and it payed off. It dropped on New Year's Day, and held on to the number 1 spot for the rest of 2018. Thanks for everything guys!

2 Chaos Chaos

As close of a close second as you could possibly get. This dropped a day after my birthday and launched an obsession in the weeks to come, of their older band's stuff and current stuff alike. While Refraction took the cake, Blue topped out my Top 100 tunes on Spotify, and with that funky EP lead and deep mix in the chorus, it absolutely deserved every play. Even better stripped down, as they play it live.

3 Rise

Ever since I listened to her entire first record upon checking it out for the first time, Sara has easily become my favorite singer-songwriter, if not singer. As a fellow Aspie, I took to the songs in a different light than most might see it and it has helped me greatly in coming to terms with my own social awkwardness. RISE was no different. Needless to say I had been on the hype for this one for quite sometime. I was mentally preparing myself for the ride, but I wasn't ready for the emotional journey this would take me on. From the mellowness of the opening track, Age, to the climax on the title track, it had me just sprawled across my bed as I related heavily to the content of the songs. Paranoid is basically me right now put into a song. A Little Bit of Rain was made for rainy festival performances and Muchness & Madness was the track I knew I was waiting for, but didn't know I was waiting for with its brilliant writing. Not to mention Sloth Song, the annual pot song. Ms. Garber, ...more

4 Hill Climber

Funky. Soulful. The Vulf never disappoints. 'enough said. We got a little bit of everything on this; an explosion of Joe Dart, vocal bangers ft. Theo Katzman & friends and of course a new funkier track. It may have only came out this month, but it's been jammed like it's an old favorite. Sheer brilliance from four funky white boys.

5 Tell Me How You Really Feel

What a feeling this record presents. Another album with a big "Me, represented" track (Sunday Roast). The single Nameless, Faceless feels like it's been out far longer than it has, but it has to be one of the best singles of the year. I'm Not Your Mother, I'm Not Your Bitch goes hard and matches her grungy aesthetic, both physically and vocally. The song that bares the title within its lyrics, Crippling Self Doubt And A General Lack of Confidence, is me summed up in a song title of another banger of a song. While I'd been meaning to check her out from her 2017 collaboration with Kurt Vile, Lotta Sea Lice, Courtney has become a new love for me, musically, this year and all the more reason to love Australia.

6 We Will All Be Gone

Another much anticipated record. Each single was even better as part of a whole record then its previous release. I'm still obsessed with Salt of The Earth and Elliot's explosive vocals during its chorus, Dez's vocals on I'll Finish This Book Later are just beautiful and Rüdy's drums on Cherry Lemon are an example of why he's the best in the game right now.
Hopefully he can come back and do some shows because I'm still regretting not making it out to see a band I've been into from the beginning when I've had numerous opportunities presented to me.

7 Boarding House Reach

Who says Jack White can't be experimental? Even Anthony Fantano of TheNeedleDrop changed his mind after the first single drop and gave this thing a 9. This opens up a whole new world for Jack. There were moments I wouldn't think I'd hear on a tune of his like his. Freddie-esque vocals on the opening track, Connected By Love, a funky track like Corporation, a banger of a 2nd single, Over And Over And Over and another relatable tune on What's Done Is Done. Jack White is the man.

8 Prequelle

Ghost are at it again, with their dark, medieval album detailing the bubonic plague. I love the vibe and the artwork of this one, and it's definitely deserving of its Grammy nominations, the 2nd year of Grammy noms for the band. Plus, a song with Opeth lead singer, Mikael Åkerfeldt, and a song about medieval sideboob... Nice.

9 You're Not Alone

Andrew WK is a real one, and as real as ever on his long-awaited comeback, You're Not Alone. Blistering positivity and pep talks and stuff to prove that music is indeed worth living for.

10 Joy As An Act Of Resistance.

Soul-crushing punk from the UK. I swear, the live footage I saw of the opening track, Colossus, almost looked to be performed in slow motion.