Top 10 Loud House Episodes Ruined By One Moment

These are certain moments from Loud House episodes that ended up making the episode unbearable, this list is going to be a self moderated list since I know certain people they know who they are will try to put Luna being bisexual and having a crush on Sam who's a girl from L is for Love as a moment that ruined a Loud House episode, the bottom line these are the precise moments from the Loud House that sent the episode into a downward spiral.
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1 No Such Luck - Ruined By The Family Boarding Up Lincoln's Bedroom and Forcing Him to Sleep Outside Because They Think He's Unlucky

This was the nail in the coffin in this episode, its one thing to ban Lincoln form all his sisters activities its another to ban him from going to the movies with them but the final straw is when they literally board up his room with a note saying he can't stay there and they force him to sleep outside in the cold, Chris Savino should really be ashamed of himself for this episode among other things. - egnomac

2 Brawl in the Family - Ruined By Lincoln Making the the Problem Worse

Lincoln really should to learn to stay out of other people's business his sisters tell him to stay out of it and let Leni and Lori resolve their problem on their own but of course he tries to fix it himself and makes things worst especially since he told each of them what they other said about the other behind the others back and the big kicker Lori and Leni already hugged it out and made peace but because of Lincoln's actions they've now gone back to fighting again and the more Lincoln tries to fix the problem the more things get worse until all the sisters are now at each others throats even worst Lincoln still doesn't learn his lesson and starts the fight all over again after the sisters just made up. - egnomac

Lincoln should have taken a base ball bat and smashed both Lori and Leni's heads in.

3 The Green House Effect - Ruined By Lincoln's Classmates Threatening to Ostracize Him If He Made Them Lose The Polar Bear Challenge

When you start off an episode with a group of people threatening another character for not doing his part in a project then you know the episode is going to bomb and that's what happens, my question to Lincoln's classmates what exactly are they doing to help Lincoln and his situation if they really care about saving the environment like they said they would be helping him with his situation instead of harassing him and threatening to ostracize him. - egnomac

4 The Sweet Spot - Ruined By The Siblings Fighting Over the Car Seat and Destroying the Van

Lincoln finally figures out the best seat in the van and does everything to ensure he gets that spot including deciding who will sit where but the sisters find out and now they all want the sweet spot of the car which leads to the sibling early that morning to violently fight each other over it which results in them destroying the van and getting the road trip cancelled. - egnomac

5 Making The Grade - Ruined By Lincoln Being Punished for Lisa's Actions

Lisa gets promoted to Lincoln's class from Kindergarten because she's too smart for Kindergarten and her smartness rubs all of Lincoln's classmates the wrong way and poor Lincoln is unfairly punished for it even his own friends turn their back him so he tells Lisa to act more normal at school which she does and everyone know finds her cool and stop being mad at Lincoln but Lisa then decides to completely stop being smart and now Lincoln's family begin to turn on him because Lisa is unwilling to use her smarts to help them and now Lincoln is forced to suffer again even worst Lisa is more than happy to give Lincoln all the blame as she is unwilling to accept any responsibility for her actions. - egnomac

6 One of the Boys - Ruined By The Loud Brothers Being Total Jerks to Lincoln

The biggest problem with this is it comes out of nowhere the day before the brothers were nice to Lincoln and had a good time together then the next day they turn into total jerks for no real reason all Lincoln did was wake up Luke and Lynn and scratched Lars coffin which was not enough of a reason for them to all turn on him, and as I said before the writers were probably strapped for time and just decided to make them all jerks just to rush the plot and not really give them enough personality. - egnomac

7 April Fools Rules - Ruined By Luan Admitting That She Invited Ronnie Anne Over On April Fool's Day So That Lincoln Would Come Out of His Hiding Spot and Set off Her Traps

Just goes to show just how cruel and unapologetic Luan is when it comes to April Fool's Day after Lincoln spends the entire episode being abused by her traps only for Ronnie Anne to show up as Luan laughs hysterically as she reveals she was the one who invited her over just to get him to come out and fall victim to her pranks and then sets it up so Ronnie Anne can deliver a pie to his face and humiliate him even more as if he wasn't already in enough pain but Ronnie Ann thankfully turns on Luan as she was sweeten that Lincoln endure all that torture just for her. - egnomac

I really hope Luan gets her comeuppance for all her years of torture towards everyone from April Fool's Day.

8 Ruthless People - Ruined By The Ending

Lincoln and his side switch with Mom's side so they can go to Aunt Ruth's new lake house only to find out that Lana brought the termites from the house and now they can't stay there and now have to go to Aunt Ruth;s house which they wanted to avoid going in the first place while Mom's side get to go on a cruise with the other seniors which is really unfair especially since Lana gets off Scott free for bringing the termites from their home and infecting the lake house. - egnomac

9 House of Lies - Ruined By Lisa Installing Lie Detector Camera's Forcing Everyone to Tell the Truth All the Time

I really hated Lisa in the this episode as she uses her lie detector glasses to get everyone to tell the truth so the siblings destroy them only for Lisa to already have installed her lie detector camera's so she can spy on everyone and make the tell the truth, just how did she manage to install them without anyone knowing about it, as she ends up ruining everything for everyone yet again. - egnomac

10 Vantastic Voyage - Ruined By Lynn Sr. Turning into a Total Jerk After Getting the New Van

The family wants a new van since the old one keeps breaking but Lynn Sr. is not welling to part with vanzilla since its been in his family for years, they finally convince him to trade up and get a new van however when they get the new van Lynn Sr. turns into a full blown jerk and refuses to let them ride in it unless they follow his strict rules of riding in Veronica who he names the new van and his jerkiness makes the episode very unbearable though he does redeem himself in the end its still not enough to make up for this terrible episode.. - egnomac

While this didn't really ruin the whole episode for me. It did make me like the episode less. - Spongehouse

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1. No Such Luck - Ruined By The Family Boarding Up Lincoln's Bedroom and Forcing Him to Sleep Outside Because They Think He's Unlucky
2. Brawl in the Family - Ruined By Lincoln Making the the Problem Worse
3. The Green House Effect - Ruined By Lincoln's Classmates Threatening to Ostracize Him If He Made Them Lose The Polar Bear Challenge