Martin Canine's Most Listened To Songs of This Week (December 31st, 2018 to January 6th, 2019) According To His Smartphone

So... I bet you are all interested in how I started the new year.

Well, that's how! The Gainsbourg family (as songwriters at least) and Xavier Naidoo dominated my start into 2019, but a comedy song from a panned 11 year old movie, Rolling Stone's "best song of 2018", West's most brilliant number of last year and a blissfully weird sound experiment also found their way into my playlist.
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The Top Ten

Poupée de cire poupée de son - France Gall

Brilliant. Whatever Serge Gainsbourg wrote for France Gall was a masterpiece, whether she liked it or not (she didn't).

Dieser Weg - Xavier Naidoo

One of the greatest tunes of the century so far. Iconic.

Ending Song (Unrated Version) - Disaster Movie Cast

I found out that "Disaster Movie", the panned film parody, has a quality nobody could foresee back then: it's a time capsule. While not particularly funny, the many different references give a rather accurate impression of what 2008 looked like in terms of pop culture. Some of these things, like superhero movies, are still relevant, while others, like "Wanted" or "Hancock", became obscure. Oh, by the way I like this song. I kinda can't get enough of it.

Ghost Town - Kanye West, 070 Shake, PARTYNEXTDOOR & Kid Cudi

Epic. I can totally understand why rated this as the best song of 2018. For once, we agree on a song's quality (it ranked at number 10 on my own list).

Lemon Incest - Serge & Charlotte Gainsbourg

Before digging deeper into the song, I would advise you to deal with who Serge Gainsbourg is, and what European art is all about. A song like this, which plays with provocation, how it touches upon the most twisted territories of the mind and uses artfully displayed double entendres can't really be judged by modern pop song standards, much like Till Lindemann's most extreme lyrics, or Lars von Trier's movies, there are many layers on which it works.

Lost Lenore - Charlotte Gainsbourg

Listen to it. Now. It's worth it. I promise.

There are 34 years between this and item number 5 by the way.

Ponyboy - SOPHIE

Gosh. What sinister industrial sounds. Verdammt.

In My Feelings - Drake

Some might mistook me. I DO like the song, and Drake also made it onto my best of 2018 list with his album (at number 50, however), it just was a bit underwhelming for being the absolute greatest track of the year as Rolling Stome suggested. Any other position would have been fine, but having the world's biggest music magazine name you that is quite a title, and it simply didn't have that caliber. As a pop song, it's really fun, and I especially love the interpolation of the Lil Wayne sample.

Der Herr knickt alle Bäume - Xavier Naidoo

Naidoo's apocalyptic attempt at hip hop still fascinates with its extremely merciless, dark outfit. Fantastic.

Raus aus dem Reichstag - Xavier Naidoo

Yeah... one of Naidoo's lyrically most controversial numbers, in which he attacks politicians, bankers and the owner of some newspapers. I don't agree with all its contents, especially when he gets close to conspiracy theories, but damn, is this song musically fine!