10 Reasons Why Social Justice Warriors Should Die

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1 They whine about everything.

This is a mean list, nobody deserves to die - Peppapigsucks

2 They have Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump is not the best president ever, but if we don't deal with it, TDS might become an actual mental, psychological issue. Sure Trump could be better by removing his ego and improve himself, but I'm sure he had enough of these hate. It's like always hating Justin Bieber.(That used to be me) - BorisRule

3 Too regressive.
4 They ruined history and politics.
5 Their movements are garbage.
6 Antifa is a terrorist organization.
7 They're the true fascists not the Conservatives.
8 They're evil extremists.
9 They destroyed many people's lives.

This is true! - Peppapigsucks

If they have gone too far.. - BorisRule

Heard of any of the thousand false rape cases that have gotten innocent men in prison?

10 Twitter and Tumblr are the left's source of illiberal propaganda and attack on innocent people.

You forgot Buzzfeed and other sites of that ilk