Sonic the Hedgehog Looks Terrible!

This week, the first trailer for the Sonic Movie has been released, and it SUCKS!!! I was dreading to watch this trailer, and I regret that decision! This is the third film released this year that’s based on a video game. The two other ones are Detective Pikachu and Angry Birds Movie 2. I’m not really a big fan of Sonic. I don’t really find the games all that interesting. I prefer Mario. And the fan base is terrible! Sonic getting a movie is a stupid idea. Video game adaptations can turn out pretty bad. And this look like it can fall to that same fate! So let’s talk about the trailer!

The biggest issue with the trailer, which I’m pretty sure it’s everyone’s main issue, is the design for Sonic! It’s creepy as hell! With the eyes and those human like limbs, it lands on the Uncanny Valley! I don’t wanna know how Tails, Amy and Shadow will look like! His design is worse than the Genie in the Aladdin remake! I don’t want to compare this to Detective Pikachu, but he really looks like a rejected CGI model from that film. At least the directors are redoing his design. I’m curious to see how he will look like now. There were some questionable use of fan service from the Sonic games. Like Sonic throwing a giant ring to teleport people, just like the classic games. The problem is that those giant rings suppose to teleport Sonic to Special Stages, not ripping off Doctor Strange’s abilities. It honestly gave me vibes of those terrible Transformers movies (the ones directed by Michael Bay), with the military and the cynical comedic tone. Speaking of the comedy, the jokes are dreadful! Any joke that wasn’t from Jim Carrey was painful! Especially at the end where James Marsden’s character said “He has a child in his bag, but it’s okay, it’s not him.” I was like, “What the hell, man?!” The visuals don’t really look impressive as it looks like a fanmade film! The movie is following failed ideas that have occurred in the past. In this film, Sonic comes to our world to try and save our planet. We’ve seen this kind of idea in films before and they also failed to. The Smurfs 1 and 2, and Fat Albert. All of which failed horribly. Why not make a Sonic film set in Sonic’s universe? Or not just make the movie at all?! The only thing that I quite liked in this trailer was Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik. Even though I can’t see him as Dr. Robotnik, just as himself, he did make me laugh. It was great seeing Jim Carrey back to acting since we haven’t seen him in a long time.

Overall, this film looks like its gonna suck! I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say, I don’t think it’s gonna be successful at all. But what if it actually turns out to be good? Could you imagine that? I doubt it though. And you wanna know the worst thing? We live in a world where they made a Sonic the Hedgehog film BEFORE we ever get a Flash movie. Yeah, let that one sink.