My New Top 10 Kpop Girl Groups (January 2019)

I alrady did such a list but my placement changed. I've decided to do a little update on how my top ten kpop girl groups changed.

honorable mentions:
11. Sistar
12. SNSD
13. Spica
14. Blackpink
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher

After this very VERY strong 2018 for Dreamcatcher they had to take the first place. The songs that came out 2018 were just too amazing to not put them on first place. There was still no song I didn't like since Dreamcatcher's debut and I do hope it stays like this and if not then who cares they have given me enough awesome songs to forgive one song that is not my style.


The impossible happened: EXID had to give up my number 1# spot. I still love those girls. I love their music even though "I love you" wasn't mine but after 5 years without a song I didn't like, It was just a matter of time when it happens that I don't like a song. Still they have a big spot in my heart and will always have.

3 Mamamoo Mamamoo

2018 was a strong year for Mamamoo. Many awesome comebacks and many new earned talents (Especially Solar learning pole dancing). Mamamoo has always been in my top 3 since I found them and they still are and I don't think they will stop making awesome music. They might have fallen one place since the last list but it will be hard pushing Mamamoo away from my top 3.

4 Girl's Day

Girl's Day have always very good vocal choices and awesome instrumental in their songs and I love their songs as soon as they became 4 members. Sad story is that it seems like I have to say goodbye because they might disband this year.

5 Red Velvet

Red Velvet didn't change in my placement. They still have the golden middle since I love Red Velvet's energy but also I like their concepts: They are weird and crazy and you think yourself "what" and that is one of the thngs that kept me. The other thing is obviously that I enjoy Red Velvet's songs

6 Pristin V

This sub-unit is awesome. Pristin V is a really good sub-unit and I really hope it isn't a "only once thing". I wanna hear, see and enjoy more Pristin V.


CLC is very promising. Even though "High Heels" isn't mine they still take a top 10 spot since they have made enough songs I like and I still think they have potential to get higher on the list.

8 Nine Muses

Nine Muses is still in my top 10 even though they didn't have a comeback for 1 and a half year I still look forward and hope for their next comeback.


AOA was one of my firsts and still take a spot in the top 10. Even though I didn't like "Bingle Bangle" I still like them enough to be in my top 10 and hope for next comeback to be my taste.

10 Gugudan Semina

Gugudan was always interesting but never a top 10 nominee. This Gugudan sub-unit though was awesome and I really would like to see more of it.