Top 10 Reasons Why Memes Have Gone Downhill Recently

Memes used to be good but nowadays most memes are just plain unfunny.
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The Top Ten

1 Shrek is everywhere

I'm tired of seeing that ogre.

2 Memers shove them down your throat

They get stale quick.

3 They come from popular stuff and not the unpopular stuff

Let the old stuff get some spotlight.

4 Some people might use them for offensive purposes


Especially Big Chungus.

5 Some get really inappropriate

Kids use the internet too.

6 They ruin people's opinions on the original source of the meme

Shrek memes ruined my opinion on the franchise.

7 They don't have the charm of memes from the early days

Golden era: Start of internet-whenever shrekchan closed.

Dead meme era: whenever shrek became a meme-now.

8 If the meme is about a game that hasn't been release yet would make people who're avoiding spoilers angry

Pokemon Sun and Moon prerelease in a nutshell.

9 Movies and indie games usually make them nowadays

Basically Thanos and FNAF.

10 Some revive unwanted franchises

Shrek is getting a new film in a year or two.