Top 10 Reasons Why Aaron Donald Should Win the 2018 NFL MVP

As we conclude another NFL season I can't help, but campaign for the great Aaron Donald a trail blazing bulldozer who racked himself 20 sacks, and was nearly on his way to having the most sacks in a season. With talk of the quarterbacks always winning it, I actually wanna see some history broken if this defensive player actually wins since his playing for the Super Bowl I say so. However here’s 10 reasons why Aaron Donald should Win the 2018 NFL MVP.
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The Top Ten

1 It Would End a 32 Year Long Streak

The last player to win MVP as a defensive player the great Lawrence Taylor, and Frankly Aaron Donald is the next great defensive player to take stage for the world to know of his name come Super Bowl LIII.

2 Aaron Donald is the Reason Why He is the Most Important Piece on the Rams Roster

Since entering the league in 2014 there have been only two defensive players to have changed the game he, and Khalil Mack. In five seasons he has had 59 Sacks almost halfway up. Imagine if he kept going in this pace he be at almost 200 in year 10 of the team perhaps if he is still there.

3 Donald Has Provided to Be Consistent All the Way Down to the Wire

Jared Goff had a terrible 2nd half after the Chiefs game, Todd Gurley had trouble toward the 2nd half of football swollen knee and all which is why they were fortunate to have C.J. Anderson come in. Than there's Aaron Donald and while week 1 he didn't look Donald like just yet afterwards you saw a man on a mission 15 games later finding ways on anything stopping his path of eliminating the quarterback and or running gains made.

4 Donald Can Power Himself Through Two Different Offensive Lineman

Seriously not many player today can just magically pass through two guys trying to double team half the time they dd it with Suh, and his playing ability fell down rock bottom, but with a motor like Aaron Donald it's his a man possessed watching tape of how to expose in a big way.

5 Donald Can Change a Games Sudden Outcome of Events

Remember the big epic Monday Night Game with all types of points being scored let's not forget how effective Aaron Donald was forcing the ball twice where they came up with the victory turnovers help in that situation.

6 Donald is Doing Things No Other Nose Tackle of His Position in Today's Game Can Match

I have never seen such a dominant Defensive Tackle this amazing than I wanna say William ''the Refrigerator'' Perry so this says a lot. No offense to his teammates Suh, but Donald is just a special generational rare breed player anybody would want to plug in, and make any line better.

7 Donald Would Disrupt an Opposing Offense

Every offense I saw try to get the ball out quick just couldn't get it out fast enough because Aaron Donald was just quicker like a gun shot came past you.

8 Donald Confuses the Offensive Play Callers Perfectly Well Done

He goes in awkward angles on the defensive front where he knows exactly where to get in the face in recognition of the play being made that's just a freak of nature.

9 Donald is Just an Unblockable Nightmare

Sure you'd be lucky to somehow beat him, but not every single play he never slows down at any point in 4 quarters of football. Even Bill Belichick yes Emperor Belichick recently said ''the dude is unblockable.''

10 The Coaches, and Teammates Feel He Has Been the Teams MVP All Season Long

Yeah when your that well respected by your own peers in such a strong response you know there's something to that elite type feel to it.